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30 MIN Full Body Pilates HIIT WORKOUT | Burn 300 Calories | Feel Strong and Balanced | No Repeat

Another Pilates Fusion Full Body HIIT workout with a lot of Pilates inspired exercises. Our goal is flexibility and creating long, lean …

46 thoughts on “30 MIN Full Body Pilates HIIT WORKOUT | Burn 300 Calories | Feel Strong and Balanced | No Repeat

  1. The 1 workout is 300 calorie?

  2. This was way more sweaty than I expected it to be, but that's a good thing! Great workout. My apple watch said I only burned 150 calories (I had it on the pilates setting), but maybe I need it on another setting. Not sure. But that won't stop me from adding this workout to my favorites. Thank you Eleni!

  3. Sooooo love this work. Enough to get sweaty and not give up. Thank you❤

  4. Me sentí como una bailarina de ballet con algunos ejercicios. Me encantó. 🥰

  5. Amazing workout, loved the music. My body feels so good after doing some of those moves. Totally broke a sweat to. Thank you!!!!

  6. I loved your video… it was so easy for me to start working out either you and not being worried about what to do …

  7. Can I do these workouts after 9 months of my c-section?

  8. First day of doing this workout! Feeling ok, had to stop a few times since it was pretty challenging. My goal is to lose 30 lbs as a way to be more healthier and confident! So wish me luck <3!

  9. Just finished and wow i absolutely loved this!

  10. Great workout, love it between lifting days for myself! I'd love to see more longer pilates workouts (40-60 minutes). Thank you for the videos!

  11. I came across your video. Haven't been working out for months and it felt good to start over with this pilates hiit workout. Will do more of your sessions 💪

  12. Fak spirts,kislota ubivayut ,şrineyet tela.fak narkotik.

  13. Great workout! Here, for the first time, I am giving tips for other timers – 1) I definitely didn't burn 300 Calories, closer to 200 total cals & 150 active cals. 2) there are no voice directions, so you need to be able to follow along with the video. I like the timer and countdown, though. It made it easy to follow along with and helpful when you have that feeling of "is it over yet?!" lol, cheers

  14. Started from today let's see how it works n btw I loved this.. m doin takin frequent breaks😢 bt I'll do it

  15. @AloLienOi says:

    I’m so happy I chanced upon this graceful workout. It’s just a perfect workout from the movement, the pace, music… everything is perfect!!!! Feel great, warm but also relaxed and peaceful after the workout ❤❤❤ love it. Subscribed and will come back for this and more

  16. Loved this workout!! It was the perfect thing for low impact, active rest days. Felt so good after doing it 😊 appreciate that this sequence is knee-friendly (with a few modifications), as I tend to skip Pilates workouts because many of the moves require kneeling on knees 😢 thank you Eleni, and hope to see more like this!

  17. @xueying8485 says:

    Although the description says it varies from person to person but 300 calories is a bit pushing it 😂

  18. @intheteam1 says:

    Отличная тренировка, лучшие упражнения!!!❤

  19. Fue genial mil gracias me encanto ayer hice uno y en la noche sentía el dolor muscular y eso me encanta porque sé que estoy haciendo algo distinto que ayuda a mi cuerpo… Gracias (05/12/2023)

  20. Thank you sooo much for this ❤ This was my first pilates session ever, and I can’t believe how much I liked it. I want to teach yoga, so I thought pilates might not be my thing, but I loved this. Connected me to my feminine energy and made me feel powerful. Loved the playlist, too!!

  21. Makes you break a sweat , not very challenging. Had to skip some because i am not very coordinated and was doing them totally wrong lols !

  22. @Tash097 says:

    Really love that I can do this over and over again and not be annoyed by the same talking from the trainer each time.

  23. Eleni i just wanted to ask is it really burn 300 calories

  24. i do pilates every morning 6 times a week and lemme tell you that today was one of those days i really didnt want to do it, especially since it was a hiit. but halfway, i began to enjoy it sm that i was almost sad it was over. thank you for this, definitely will be doing it again

  25. Не думала, что когда-нибудь буду заниматься балетом)

  26. loved this! future me if you see this: do this workout you won’t regret it! it burns lots of calories and feels so good

  27. Wow. I do a lot of workouts with YouTube and just discovered your channel. Thank you. Just what I needed today. ❤️

  28. @pinarpby says:

    I really enjoyed while doing it, thank you!

  29. @alessh7312 says:

    Im so bad at the dancy kinda moves 😢

  30. Such a great workout thank you Eleni fit

  31. Thank you for all your videos! Merci! Danke!

  32. @tianag3798 says:

    I feel kind of ashamed since everyone else is saying how easy they thought it was. But I havent worked out in a long time due to depression and other life things going on thats made it hard to keep up with myself. This made me sweat so much its in my eyes but I didnt give up and am looking forward to doing more. Thanks

  33. LOVE this video , as a pilates instructor your content is very inspiring. It has helped me so much with my own content 😀 @NataliaPilatesUK

  34. suitable to do it morning❤little bit burning but refresh my mind

  35. @nancamdy says:

    I don’t see how this is 300 cal or even close to it. But it was nice to try,

  36. Great workout! Loved the no talking and variety and moves!

  37. omg this was harder then i thought. My first Pilates workout. and holy, im sweating and droping xD i dont know why, but it calmed me down. 🙂

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