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World‘s Most Shredded Kid‘s Workout Routine

World’s Most Shredded Kid’s Workout Routine #shorts YouTube Collaborations: Management: …

39 thoughts on “World‘s Most Shredded Kid‘s Workout Routine

  1. Is Jonathan Lee in Canada Winnipeg

  2. Bro, he has the same name and same last name as my brother

  3. 😂😂😂😂you're so strong

  4. when did tristen start

  5. Tristyn is almost my name bro

  6. @GodShot532 says:

    What about Sam Sulek

  7. No matter how much muscle you gain being 5’3 has got to hurt 😅

  8. He looks so much worse after the workouts imo

  9. His abs and chest are disgusting. Everything else is great.

  10. @CHS_TIGER says:

    I don't recommend weight lifting as a child between 1-8 years old. However if you do want to lift weights I recommend you don't push yourself to lift heavier weight

  11. so subscribe in front of a camera while saying subscribe and where a blue shirt with a cap and act like a youtuber……. I think I'm good

  12. @qiyi5887 says:


  13. He is familie af Bruce lee

  14. @Ashton_783 says:

    Bros been the same age his whole life

  15. It’s just the guy in the blue shirt

  16. Tristyn Lee is not shredded

  17. @BEAST_69 says:

    Bro got a whole river flowing through his body💀

  18. This is actually seriously bad for health so don't try at home

  19. @meli1657 says:

    why he got no chest tho

  20. @Collan189 says:

    bro got veins all over his body

  21. @reedrazor7546 bro sound like he has no brain and trying to call this asian boy kid he dam 20 he's a man grandpa bro dont even know the different between teen, adult and old

  22. @paulo0651 says:

    Is doing only two sets recommended, i mean is there any scientific proof that this works?

  23. @ohm_chiluka says:

    Bro turned in to the biggest "small guy"

  24. @Jandy13 says:

    He looked 7 when he was 14

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