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William "Bill" Britt Medical Marijuana 411

Medical Marijuana 411 interviews William Bill Britt who suffers from polio and epilepsy.

5 thoughts on “William "Bill" Britt Medical Marijuana 411

  1. @suzhuz10 says:

    It's a wonder herb for sure.  It's a tragedy that there is such a negative stigma attatched to Cannabis.  Just look at the facts and it's easy to see that the reason it is still illegal is because big Pharma and the jail systems profit from it's illegality.  It's time for us folks to make a strong stand to stop this persecution and inhumanity against the people that want and need Cannabis to survive.

  2. @spartan009 says:

    i managed to eat even if i had strong nausea 🙂 i'm under interferon and ribavirin and i'm a smoker: you know without ganja i would have leaved this threatment times ago because of pain, nausea, allucinations, strong fever and all other side effects.

  3. @omega4chimp says:

    @mando8000 Smock CBD WEED man thats what weed is all about making you laugh and in a good mood not that pyscho active thc shit.

  4. @mando8000 says:

    i just hit sum kush after vomoting all morning now i feel so much better!

  5. @HashyBee says:

    GREAT VID! But what's with the hiss?
    It really sucks. GREAT VID OVERALL though.

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