Hemp Bread | Steve & Hugh & Dan

Hemp is a delicious and undervalued seed that can make fantastic bread. Try this recipe from Steve, Hugh and Dan.

24 thoughts on “Hemp Bread | Steve & Hugh & Dan

  1. @JW-og4bj says:

    Interesting… I think I would have cut the hemp flour with almost any other flour (50/50) until I had some idea of how the hemp would rise and so forth. Credit to Steve, Hugh, and Dan though, they are intrepid bakers I have to say.

  2. what oven did u use a aga??

  3. It seems you cut out the part where Hugh recomended growing your own! shame it is illegal to grow such a healthy food crop without a really expensive license!

  4. hemp produces the most oil per acre 300 gal and produces flour. hemp can litterally feed us and power out diesel cars

  5. I'am removing Whole wheat flour from my diet the truth is Whole wheat is not healthy for our bodies Hemp bread is looking like the answer to my bread cravings…Hemp is the male cannabis plant that produces seeds with only a trace of THC thus allowing us to use hemp as a nutritional supplement Thank you!!

  6. @mattzin9530 says:

    Yeah, LEGALIZE IT!

  7. Delicious – I adore hemp seeds so I'm sure this tastes wonderful!

  8. @donalskehan says:

    That looks like one delicious loaf of bread! 

  9. @PaulSiami says:

    I just made this bread today.  Was not that good.  i will not make this bread again.

  10. It's fun to see friends working together in the kitchen.  I need to do this more often. 

  11. Ξ Hemp is a very sustainable product, one that we should be growing in Ireland Ξ

  12. @tjtrapstar says:

    For this video you should be knighted . Healing a nation more hemp dishes would make my life alot easyer

  13. I have bought hemp seeds on-line and used them like "topping" and have added it to bread – I like them but have not seen the flour

  14. @banjax66 says:

    Hemp seed…. Don't the guys who go fishing use that stuff?
    I have seen it for sale when I have been working, doing security in fishing tackle shops.
    There, the seed has already started to germinate, so you guys looking for Hemp seed, go to your local fishing bait shop… Must be the same stuff I guess.

  15. Where's the farmer I want some free hemps to get high

  16. Where the guy taste taste it they trumps the marijuana leafs wake people its weed ahahhahah just make it legal since its been used everywhere

  17. Clearly that marijuana you hypocrites ahahaha the first farm footage was marijuana the second 1 lord knows. You can fool us ahhhhhahahaha can't deny everyone love marijuana its not bad at all and the oil its from marijuana and that thing you grinded was marijuana stop been hypocrites clearly the seeds are obvious…

  18. @quibster says:

    Male plants are useful too, looks delicious.

  19. @clam85 says:

    good god, the crunchy sound of the crust is astonishing! A slice well earned! 🙂

  20. nice dough, 420 raise it erry day

  21. @JAHinHK says:

    This guy makes perfect bread out of a random flour he's never used before and I follow the directions to the letter from effectively a box of ingredients and my bread comes out looking, weighing, and tasting like a bread. I liked the episode where Hugh burned his bread in the Dutch oven at a picnic. Makes me feel better.

  22. @andreamoboe says:

    I have not seen hemp flour where I am. What can it be substituted with??
    Looks great though!

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