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15 MIN STRONG & SCULPTED BACK WORKOUT (At Home with Dumbbells)

Try this 15 min back workout for a STRONG & SCULPTED back! This workout can be done AT HOME or in the gym and just …

29 thoughts on “15 MIN STRONG & SCULPTED BACK WORKOUT (At Home with Dumbbells)

  1. @MadFit says:

    It's time to work on strengthening that BACK!! 🔥

  2. Where can I find those dumbbells?!

  3. loved this! not too difficult and just enough if you don't want to do too much!

  4. Backs actually fine AND strong – willly 0

  5. I did this new workout today and it relieved my back pain. I do many of your videos and love them ALL sooooo much! You’re my favorite fitness instructor on all of YouTube land. Thank you for this channel and your amazing contributions. I’m healthier going into my late 30’s because of YOU 🙏♥️✨🙏

  6. @018anita says:

    For Myself: Pesas: 2, 10, 17 y 37
    Pull up 17.5 lb= 0:46 , 1:32
    Round 2= 2:32 , 3:15
    Round 3= 4:16 , 5:00

    Bent over close 37.5: 6:10
    Round 2= 7:15
    Round 3= 8:18

    Exercise 3= 9:34
    Round 2= 10:32
    Round 3= 11:33

    Dumbell pull over= 12:49
    Round 2= 13:47
    Round 3= 14:45

  7. hey I was wondering what to do because my lower back is hurting while doing these exercises? i think my form is somehow wrong🤔but otherwise I do really enjoy these workouts💕

  8. More back workouts please 😍

  9. @behno_0 says:

    it's great .thank u for share with us ❤

  10. New here – thank you love it!

  11. WOOO! Just finished doing this at the gym & not only was it quick & powerful, but it helped not look like a lost puppy 😂 THANK YOU, this made my back feel so good

  12. Would be super helpful if you included the weight of the dumbbells at the beginning to get prepped. Thanks!

  13. You are the best ❤️ Been watching and utilizing your vids since 2020 😇

  14. Today was my 1st day at this and I really enjoyed it, was the perfect amount of challenge for me

  15. Going to try this tomorrow,hopefully I'll be able to feel something

  16. Do back workouts affect breast size?😅 I wanna work out, but I don't wanna change my breast size

  17. thank you madfit,your my coach

  18. I would love to see more 20-30 min back workouts for lower, mid and upper back ❤

  19. Thank you for this great video♥️😘

  20. This is my first time doing backs, people make it look easy!! I was dying on the floor by the end of it

  21. More back strengthening exercises please but WITHOUT equipment 🙂

  22. Hi please do for hunch back to strengthen the shoulders…

  23. @Tammy985 says:

    These actually work my back was flaming last night and today they feel relaxed

  24. @looveme2692 says:

    loved this workout! simple but effective!

  25. Please make weightless back workout…i doesn't have any instruction😢

  26. @shyanne483 says:

    Struggling with the last few reps you say… I’m struggling with the first few 😅 this is why I need to do back/shoulder workouts more often

  27. I really love this work out. I really struggled with it the first time I tried it. Now I look forward to this workout, and am planning to increase my weights next time I do it.

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