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How to ACTUALLY Get Lean in 2024 (Smartest Way)

If you want to actually get lean this year, the odds are stacked against you. More than 80% of people who try getting lean end up …

31 thoughts on “How to ACTUALLY Get Lean in 2024 (Smartest Way)

  1. I just realised, i am already at 15%, but its so hard to lose the last few % to reveal the abs. Also for some reason my upper two abs already show but all the other ones dont.

  2. I’m skinny fat what do you recommend I eat or do I don’t want to loose much weight only my stomach and gain muscle I am around 180 lbs I would like to be around the same weight but muscle and a minimum percentage of fat. What apps should I use to track and know my intake and what exercises should I be doing.

  3. What about plans for hard gainers or skinny individuals who want to gain??

  4. Bro, can You make a video about uneven shoulders and neck, i thini it could ve very helpfull for tons of mens and womans in this channel.

  5. @twinjj says:

    Me watching this tryna bulk

  6. @jahanzebrr says:

    You didn't mention anything regarding Cardio. Wouldn't cardio increase fat burn along with high protien diet + weight lifting?.

  7. @djlala says:

    …fail I was watching this YouTube video while having dinner πŸ˜…

  8. Thank you for encouraging me to get fit so I can finally say bye to my slowest kid in my grade life

  9. The part about underestimating how much you have to lose is so true. I wanted to get down to 12% body fat and figured I would have to lose 20 pounds and could do It in 3 months, truth was I needed to lose almost double that and It would take me half a year in a best case scenario. That can be overwhelming to hear at first but It was important for me to have realistic expectations and accept the fact this would have to be a permanent lifestyle change, not just a β€œdiet”.

  10. @Noah-wt3jp says:

    Just earned yourself A sub sir

  11. Excellent video, as always!

  12. @sfdudeca says:

    My BIGGEST concern is wondering how to keep the weight off once becoming more defined and slender with <15% body fat. I currently stand at 30%.

  13. @nc2933 says:

    Great to know it comes off your chest as one of the first areas. One of my main reasons for trying to lose fat is my beer tities

  14. @Ffar2578 says:

    Hey Jeremy can you please make a video for dieting and exercise (timings and tips) – for night shift workers( 12 hour shifts, 7pm to 7 am) – doctors, nurses, police, firefighters who can't quit their job( for now) but also want to try their best to maintain their health. There is definitely not much content in that area. It would help if that's possible. Thank you for your great work.

  15. @derf199 says:

    Clicked away at β€œbe present.”

  16. @iblongshia says:

    It's so much easier to lose weight at a young age. People over 50 have a hard time losing weight.

  17. Amazing content tysm!❣️

  18. @nikolayew says:

    I would avoid salmon. Most of the times it is full of medication and heavy metals.

  19. Jeremy really breaks down the fundamentals. It’s really not the workouts, it’s understanding your body.

  20. @smarthk412 says:

    brother i'm from India , i love your content
    it help me a lot
    can you please tell me you height

  21. When you drop 500 calories to be in a deficit, how can you meet your protein goals?
    If my maintenance intake is 2000 and I don’t use that number for protein but 1500 then I’m going to loose muscle either way. So you’re going to lose both muscle and fat unless you want to stay at maintenance and just try to burn more than you consume, or am I confused?

  22. what about fasting completely for some days like 3 to 5. Is there too much muscle loss?

  23. @Ja-tz5rs says:

    0:24 that list is BS. 30% looks leaner than 20% lmfao

  24. No, I MUST NOT know this. bye

  25. @rephlax says:

    To be honest the avarage person ist not Ahle to afford such a diet. The prices for good food and such a diverse diet are way too high for the normal salary


  27. πŸ†πŸŒŸ πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸ‘β£οΈ

  28. This was a fantastic video!

  29. Please please please make a video on how to grow calve πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

    And is that true that they never grow

  30. @mixterz1 says:

    dDet is one thing education on the matter a whole other ball game. People think a cup of tea and toast in the morning is a good way to start the day.

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