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WEIGHT LOSS MEAL PLAN | Healthy, Macro Friendly Meal Ideas to Lose Fat for Summer

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38 thoughts on “WEIGHT LOSS MEAL PLAN | Healthy, Macro Friendly Meal Ideas to Lose Fat for Summer

  1. @BillRemski says:

    Seriously, you were never fat. It's all in your mind.

  2. Every calculator tells me I should be eating around 1,700 calories which seems crazy to me. I’m 5’4 and 110-115lbs and normally eat around 2,000-2,300 right now and don’t feel like I could handle eating less

  3. How do you determine your macros?

  4. You are so interesting to watch, like I just don’t get bored listening to you. Thank you!! And you know what you’re talking about!😊

  5. Just started day 1 of week 3 of my first ever cut and I did 3 sets of 5 pushups today 😭 without my knees on the ground too! I've almost never been able to do a real pushup let alone 15

  6. @evegmz391 says:

    Too much talking, get to the point.

  7. @sydney2073 says:

    Do you have advice on how I can calculate my own macros??

  8. @birgitk6518 says:

    I went from zero pull ups to 4-5 this summer. I am soo proud. I also aim to 10. It makes me feel so much more stronger and anything which is trainin my upper body is 👍

  9. Thanks for this do you have any meals prep's?

  10. You talking way too much about your gym and how you eat instead of showing the meals for a healthy meal plan

  11. @OrisStories says:

    What is that vegetable on the right at 17:12???

  12. @yacout2661 says:

    loved this, thank you!!

  13. Girl! Your arms are to die for! You're soo beautiful!! Thank you for the tips!

  14. Video starts at 8 min

  15. your bananas are definately gonna taste bad. it already looks bad and expired

  16. @Tinavvv says:

    One question :do you leave the skin on the sweet potatoes? I'll try this recipe tomorrow!

  17. This was the longest thrive market ad I’ve ever seen.

  18. @tommy7576 says:

    All that talking .. just get to the subject

  19. I can stare and listen to her all day

  20. That’s so bummer to watch your video because you didn’t put closed caption for people can’t hear. Please use it for all people can understand you.

  21. @vlove8832 says:

    I just love love love your content. I have been basically binge watching your videos even though I have been a long-time follower and you're wonderfulll! Im gonna start building a healthy lifestyle and your video just what i need!

  22. Could u recommend a substitute for banana? Allergy issue😭

  23. @gabbj89 says:

    Really wish I are sweet potatoes they make me gag

  24. @gabbj89 says:

    Can you help me calculate my macros! That’s the only thing I have trouble with atm

  25. For the chocolate smoothie, how much of each do you use?

  26. Were the opposite, its sooooo hard to get my fat in. My goal is only 30g too.

  27. Do you skip lunch?? Love your relationship with food, I’d love to see you eating breakfast, it would be like having brekkie with a friend.

  28. @FUGGLEmose says:

    Anyone know where her crop top is from???

  29. @larscw74 says:

    Now you got me hungry that bowl looked delish

  30. loved it!!! but we Italian eat completely different😂

  31. @geniecy3117 says:

    Since last year, you're my go-to when I though about my diet plans or workout plans because all your videos are informational. You helped a lot of us here. Keep going 🙌🏻💪❤️

  32. Wow this video is so insightful 😀

  33. The sweet potato pancake (especially with extra veg) reminds me of some Korean veggie "pancakes". If it tastes anything like that, I'm super down to try it, lol.

  34. I love that you included chipotle! I eat it at least twice a week also because I can get full macros and it’s sooo yummy. And like you said .. it’s hard to cook constantly. Especially because I’m a nurse and work night shift. Sometimes I’m just. Too. Tired.
    I was a little put off about chipotle foe a bit because I worked with a trainer for 6 weeks and he told me “absolutely no chipotle. You will always go over my macros if you eat it” I didn’t believe him but it was discouraging

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