Workout For Men

At Home Bodyweight Workout For Men Over 50 (10 MINUTE WORKOUT!)

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23 thoughts on “At Home Bodyweight Workout For Men Over 50 (10 MINUTE WORKOUT!)

  1. Sir Gavin says:

    the squat, used to teach my soldiers to have hands behind head so that your thumbs are run up and down your neck and basically create two extra spines or support struts to cradle and hold the neck in place, also teaching them to look up from this position. The old style army sit-up was the worst for necks, this was my work-around.

  2. Sir Gavin says:

    just skip to 2:40 to bypass the useless running of the mouth

  3. I have around 60 pounds to lose and knee pain from that… not so easy to do the Prisoner Squats… any suggestions on alternative bodyweight exercises for those with knee pain?

  4. Thank you! I'll try it.

  5. Thank you sir… Getting started tomorrow I think I can do it… I’m 66

  6. Just put it to practice so easy to follow
    You talk to much

  7. Sassy Sandie says:

    Facebook sucks. Don’t want to join again even with an anonymous name since they represent censorship and corruption. I would be a hypocrite if I joined FB again. YT is bad enough.

  8. The Birddog, for those who have weak backs, is a good one, but I find it WAY too easy. And I keep my legs and arms straight and parallel to the ground. A more challenging and back strengthening exercise is the superman where you lift your arms and legs high in the air while lying on your stomach. Thighs off the ground. By the way, not counting the number of reps you do may work at the beginning, but it is MUCH more motivating keeping track of your rep totals. You can either increase them or increase the amount of time doing the exercises.

  9. David Fraser says:

    I have to try birddogs. Great video

  10. Jeff Coombes says:

    Can you do a meal plan for a single busy working guy who is overweight and needs low carb no grains to lose weight. I recently have been diagnosed with fatty liver. I lost weight with the profile plan but gained it all back

  11. FJo C says:

    Thanks Mark! I remember you had a circuit training video like this before you made this channel and your dog wanted to join in.

  12. Another great video ,Thank you dudes

  13. Lex Fauser says:


  14. D F says:

    Great information, I have a knee replacement any alternative for bird dog.

  15. Jim Lewis says:

    Your right hand has really improved.
    Stance is good. Back leg movement is improving.
    When throwing the left, think of Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots.
    Keep the elbow below the shoulder and between the shoulder and fist. This keeps the joints stacked for more power and speed. The left hook can be thrown the same way.
    Keeping the elbow tucked under eliminates telegraphing the punch.
    Great video, guys! ☺❤

  16. dal cassian says:

    Going through Covid myself here, thanks for getting out there and doing this Mark!

  17. Bhupi Sunny says:

    Great dear doing it after covid makes it more challanging … Wishing you early recovery fully to normal…

  18. adam tanner says:

    One thing that would be ideal with these workout videos is to put in chapters so we can jump back and forth to specific parts. Otherwise, they've been great.

  19. James Harris says:

    Very good. I was thinking about adding something on my off days that was quick and simple. Can’t thank you enough for all your free info. Jim

  20. Wonderful workout Mark! Thank you for always being a great educator and inspiration : – ).

  21. Mark, your program works! You are a no excuse person.

  22. DavidT says:

    Mornin’ Mark! Love your consistency!

  23. Very well said sir about this topic and about bodyweight workout after 50 and keep it up and keep training hard and be strong always and stay safe and stay healthy and be positive and happy always

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