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Kegel Exercises for Women: Everything you need to know

Chapters 0:00 Introduction 0:47 How to locate the Pelvic Floor 1:30 How to do Kegel Exercises 2:12 Why do Kegel Exercises …

13 thoughts on “Kegel Exercises for Women: Everything you need to know

  1. Bella Wilde says:

    Why is a man narrating this

  2. We must visit a Doctor . seek help from a Physiotherapist or a Surgeon or a Doctor to perform these excercises correctly and easily

  3. Amar osteo artharities ache eai exercise kora baron .ami ki korbo janale upokrito hobo

  4. Looks like the some of the photos are just, taken from an article on yoga.

  5. Is it beneficial for vaginal tightness??

  6. sillysundae says:

    I wanna do these exercises so that I can hold in my pee while writing exams

  7. c bose says:

    I too found it difficult.

  8. bhanu gupta says:

    Sir I do not get morning erection is this exercise beneficial

  9. This was so complicated, even if I locate how I would I remember n make sure

  10. Baby Bug says:

    First duh! YouTube put this on my suggested real quick lmao

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