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3 Signs Your Workout Plan Isn't Working (Beginner's Guide)

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41 thoughts on “3 Signs Your Workout Plan Isn't Working (Beginner's Guide)

  1. ael boy says:

    Just a little message for everyone that joins the community ;

    If you do something, it is far better than doing nothing. The real deal is getting Healthy, and if you do bad programs, but you still do warm-ups, stretches, and go for walks, you're gonna be at pretty much a very healthy state.

    The other point is sleep. Bad sleep, over a long period of time, I would consider worse than smoking. So, go get good sleep (unless you're at university or something, where you really have no time) .

  2. You Me says:

    Can i do it like this
    Please answer it

  3. _OmegaSlayer says:

    I have a question and it is if I want to build more explosives streagth should I do my reps super fast on the way up and slow on the way down or just go super fast on all parts and should I do 7 reps for explosive strength or 12 reps and should it be lighter or heavier and how many sets should I do

  4. 650Justin says:

    Some things I’ve learned
    1. Free weight isn’t always better
    2. You don’t need more than 7 exercises per workout
    3. 4-5 sets per exercise works best
    4. Rest no more than 2mins and no less than 30secs
    5. Get 7-8 hours of rest every night
    6. Drink a lot during the day
    7. Progressive overload
    8. Be patient
    9. Track your progress
    10. Don’t expect results if you aren’t willing to work for them. This stuff only comes through hard work and consistency.

  5. bts_army says:

    Me 3 secs after looking at the workout : why don't I have any abs 😐😅🤣🤣

  6. mdpftw says:

    Where the booty hahahaa

  7. Cenko says:

    First, learn your body type, than make the exercises accordingly.

  8. s vuy says:

    Straight sets don't create enough gains.
    Strength team on YouTube has great workout programs.

  9. surya ajai says:

    Bro do a video on workout split variations

  10. litteraly me: where da booty?
    Amazing <3.

  11. lisín says:

    1-cookie cutter programs. just because it worked for someone else doesn't mean it'll work for you
    2-lacking core development. Doing loads of crunches only works out one kind of flexion (kind of the direction you go in when you do the excersise) and having a weak core effects how good u are at pretty much everything
    3-lack of progressive overload. If you're not gradually making things harder by adding resistance/weights/what have you over time u won't make as many gains

  12. Joshua Mack says:

    You could discuss pros and cons further. As in. More sets and reps cost time, unless you work faster, but working out slowly can be actually harder and if you end up swinging weight around… Well that's bad. You can slowly decrease recovery time between sets, with different effects. In the end increasing weight is the only way that longterm doesn't lead to longer and longer workouts. Being much stronger but now investing double the time probably isn't attractive to most.

  13. Dahm…if you don't exercise it's bad for health and if you exercise wrong it's wronh😓😢😭

  14. Years says:

    yay mine works

  15. please tell me training plan

  16. Jeez
    i have been having some lower back pain for quite a while now and i guess i kind of got used to it until i watched this video and i was like "Dude… I am 15 my lower back should not be hurting because of itself… need to train more core"
    and that's about the most helpful thing
    tho great video

  17. Eric says:

    like a a couple times per video this guy pronounces words way off haha english must not be his first language

  18. its not that the workout plan is wrong. any workout plan will work fine. 99% of people fail because of a lack of commitment, and nothing else. if you were failing because of a program you would just change the program, but that's not what people do. people quit entirely because its not the program, it's them.

  19. Mr. OMarr says:

    Is it okay to do some of those exercises( band twits, ab wheel etc ) daily?
    Considering most would be restricted to body weight only.
    It shouldn’t be a problem to pair weighted planks with Lower body workouts for example, eh?

  20. Felipe M says:

    Useful video. And shows me my program works.

  21. Not mentioning /fit/. NGMI!

  22. Do you have a video about key weight lifting exercises for an absolute beginner? I've heard you gotta have at least squats, deadlifts, and chest press, but do you recommend others?

  23. now i see where my lower back pain is coming from. i'll work on those muscles.

  24. Love KN says:

    1:14 Jeff Cavaliere from athlean-x?

  25. As a person who has tried a few of those cookie cutter plans, they can also be extremely overwhelming for beginners. There was one calisthenics programs I tried that had 14 separate exercises targeting different muscles each day. Each exercise had 4 sets. That was about 56 sets per day, which took about two hours minimum to get through. My body couldn't handle it, and I just quit doing it after the third day or so.

  26. Philson says:

    Just do your own thing.

  27. JAYKIK AK says:

    1:15 had to laugh because I have my own really nice gym in my garage, and my dad is used to be a gym trainer

  28. Progressive overload video?

  29. What works best for me is an Every-day-in-the-week-workout:
    M: Chest
    T: Arms
    W: Leg
    T: Shoulders
    F: Upper back
    S: Intense Cardio
    S: Lower back / Core

    And 3-4 times a week a run 3-4 km or a longer run in lower temp.
    In this way I get every part of the body trained during the week, and I don't need that much time a day spent on training (total around 1-2 hours).

    I know there are better ways of working out, but this fits me and keeps me active enough.
    Running-days are typical every day that isn't leg or lower back.
    If I miss a day, I combine the following day to contain both workouts.

    The principle is this rotation basicly: push – pull – lower-body – push – pull – cardio – lower-body.

    As a warmup before every workout I do atleast (or more, until it starts to "feel"):
    10 x Dips
    10 x Chins
    10 x Feet-to-bar
    and some other no-weights-or-preparation exercises until I feel ready to start the workout.

  30. Akalion says:

    Pro tip – NEVER pay for programs. There's nothing revolutionary about them. Everything you need you can find online for free.

  31. Mohit Kumar says:

    Old music was better.

  32. 1:12 Actual expert is a picture of @ATHLEAN-X Jeff cavaliere

  33. Voshi says:

    i use to put way too much volume in my workout programs doing 6-7 exercises 4 times a week is not a good idea for a beginner. Just putting in a few exercises with consistency is much better for the first year

  34. can it be that i am better with a split program then a full body program?

  35. And all the info on this video can be in one of those pdfs out there

  36. You cant just bash ALL pdf plans like that. Some are good and some are bad.

  37. 1n Sync says:

    I started with 100 pushups a day. Then 1 month later my shoulders became locked to the point I couldn’t lift past 60 degree.

    Then I added shoulders pike pushups. And every exercises seem to align after that. One 1 year later I am having my best physique and I do bro-split calisthenics. And I have so many exercises that even 1 hour seem to come short.

  38. Simon Bastin says:

    That feel when you have become the gym turtle because you put so many plates on your back to do the weighted planks.

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