CARDIO WORKOUT FOR BEGINNERS From Home In 10 Minutes | Lockdown Workout No Equipment | HealthifyMe

CARDIO WORKOUT FOR BEGINNERS From Home | Cardio Workout No Equipment | Lockdown Workout| HealthifyMe This FULL …

40 thoughts on “CARDIO WORKOUT FOR BEGINNERS From Home In 10 Minutes | Lockdown Workout No Equipment | HealthifyMe

  1. You are just promoting your app 👎

  2. pajee bruce says:

    Too many breaks for redundant plugs. Plug your channel in the beginning and that’s enough. I’m not gonna start watching in the middle so it won’t be missed. Focus on fitness we are already on your channel

  3. Im 13 and doing all these consistently is killing my legs.
    Looking forward for tommorow

  4. langa senpai says:

    How much i did this workout?

  5. Tanya Jaani says:

    Annoying let me tell you advertisements in between really takes away from the quality of content!!!!!!!??????!!!!!!

  6. I’m a beginner and I’m really catching my breath and rapid heartbeat after this workout. Any tips on how to normalize them? Is it advisable to drink water right after the workout?

  7. Rizu says:

    That's nice.
    But how many days i have to do it per week?
    And how many reps i have to do it as a beginner?

  8. ভাই এইগুলা কি ওয়ারকাউট সাতার মাথা
    বেটা ভালো ওয়ারকাউট দে

  9. Brilliant short but powerful exercise regime that done consistently can take one far.

  10. Sathya Balan says:

    My heart beats fastly.. when phone rings, when I wakeup from the bed. Panic .. do really This workouts helps for my situation… Best time for this workout Morning or evening

  11. Let me tell you something. Trying to get back into working out so I decided to start off small with this video lol when he says its for beginners he is NOT kidding. I have to build my stamina up just to do this for 10 minutes. Goodness!! Great workout though! Kudos!

  12. awesome, thanks for the video

  13. Bushra Bose says:

    I want to loose weight plz suggest me some diet plan I m 90 kg

  14. What a shit it was when while doing 1 excercise ,my legs weren't able to to do it as if my weight was not balanced properly,😭

  15. pako teri says:

    Rinue suggest me

  16. Kokachi Boys says:

    Can I do this workout without a change everyday?

  17. Darlene :) says:

    I'm have dead but this great for beginners like me. Hoping to improve with repetition

  18. It is my first time doing this cardio workout. The hardest part certainly was squat jumps 🥵.

  19. SONA says:

    I started today 6ft tall 115kg weight man this 10 mins feels soo much RN let’s hope for the best

  20. Is this help for burning belly fat

  21. Talat Anjum says:

    this is do daily or alternate days

  22. Shadows says:

    Did mountains climbers without any breaks but squat jumps now I have to master

  23. Eric Masunka says:

    I can reach up to five. I can't do six because my young legs are heavy

  24. This is not a beginners workout.

  25. Brian H says:

    This workout definitely helped me get back in the groove of exercising and working out. Love the music btw!!

  26. Hey i'm new beginner, bt i can't found next vedio plz share me vedio Link 😨

  27. That was high knee or wht 🥲🥲🥲🥲

  28. Less talking would be better

  29. whats the time gap for rest
    between each exercise

  30. Surprised that I broke a sweat in just ten minutes. Anyone know how many calories this burns, so I can input this data point into MyFitnessPal app?

  31. TICASIMO says:

    gonna do this everyday before my workout to improve my fitness!
    day 1: ✅️ (2.9.2023) im so out of breath and i had to do low intensity jumping jacks for most of that exercise.

  32. Komal Naqi says:

    Is this good for pulmonary pressure?

  33. Walter Banda says:

    Very simple and nice. Feeling good after this workout. Cheers mate

  34. Please talk less and teach more. I don't want theory lessons between my cardio

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