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21 Fitness Tips Every Beginner Needs to Know

As a celebrity trainer, I aim to give you the tools you need to achieve the best fitness results possible! Whether you’re a beginner …

41 thoughts on “21 Fitness Tips Every Beginner Needs to Know

  1. neaumusic says:

    i saw a ted talk about how all body fat is burned through breathing, and yea intake output matters but breathing is actually what breaks down the fat (exhaling carbon from those long chains)

  2. Matthew Owen says:

    I just joined a gym for the first time in a number of years. I had my first workout session with my trainer on Wednesday of this week. Yesterday wasn’t too bad pain wise, but I’m feeling the effects of the workout more so today than yesterday. Is that normal? What would you suggest a good workout regimen be for a beginner who wants to lose body fat and gain muscle? How many days a week, what types of exercises, free weights vs machine based, stretching/yoga, etc. TY!

  3. Dogboy73 says:

    6:10 …….. Yep, that's me right now!! 😕

  4. Timna Thuer says:

    I would love to hear a selection of the most weirded questions, from over the years. Not necessarily within an answer, i need to emphasize that I don't mean the creepy personal questions! But I am sure that there are planty entertaining once 😉
    Greets from foggy austria

  5. a lot of very basic but useful information to whomever is just begining. with the running i always heard sprinting was just as affective as steady state cardio when it came to cardio and helps build them muscles up real good too

  6. Robix MOR says:

    Nice video. Thank you.

  7. Mr LYGDBACK I am working out.. for.. 5 years started at 12… I am still not sure.. if mixing push ups and bicep curls are good seriously.. Pls tell me if it's a good thing

  8. New 1 subscriber from VietNam

  9. Haha. The coffee answer was really funny. I drink 3-4 cups per day, myself. I think the really big thing to consider with coffee is that you drink it black. It's not the coffee that's the problem. It's the cream and/or sugar that is often added.

  10. Virtual PM says:

    What is a good idea for a small sweet treat?

  11. When you say that walking isnt that high of an intensity workout, you havent seen me walk, as when walking normally I can go up to 10.7 speed on a treadmill that goes kilometers per hour

  12. Jeff Stevens says:

    Thank You. When I was young it was easy for me to put on the big muscles (the show off muscles). However, I’m a lot older and spent twenty years in and out of a wheelchair from a spine injury. I’ve had the use of my legs again for the last fourteen years but I am losing them again and for the last time. I don’t want to cause anymore injury but I need to build up some muscle to be able to move the part of my body I won’t have control of. What can I do and what should I stay away from besides the obvious things?

  13. At 4:25 I immediately paused the video to make me a cup of coffee 🤣

  14. Hi, here's a little question, I train to be a bit healthier and look leaner, the thing is I honestly don't know much about working out eventhough I have quite an athletic body, and basically the problem is that I usually just train chest, arms and abs but I do it all in the same day, and then the day after and then rest one day. Is that okay or should I asign each muscle group it's own day?

  15. 00:41 A low carb diet is the best for all body types. True or false?

    01:15 Will running melt my muscles?

    02:10 Favorite superset?

    02:34 Do hormones influence workouts and nutrition?

    02:54 What equipment should I get if I don't have the possibility to go to a gym?

    03:25 My knee hurts when I'm jumping. What exercise would help me stabilize the joint?

    03:51 How much coffee is too much coffee in a day?

    04:44 Is it necessary to wear a belt when lifting?

    05:42 Type of beer or alcoholic drink would be okay with everyday life?

    06:20 Is walking combined with a healthy diet enough to be healthy?

    06:55 Do you burn more fat with HIIT before or after a workout?

    07:45 Myth: you can't eat carbs if you want to lose weight. True or false?

    08:22 Who has a better metabolism? Women or men and why?

    08:36 How important is cardio?

    09:11 How can I have a sixpack?

    09:51 Weight training makes thighs bulky, not slender and toned?

    10:37 Sets and reps, what's the most efficient?

    11:12 Is it okay to eat pasta instead of rice?

    11:37 Is it bad to do full-body workouts every day?

    12:16 Myth: if you are 30+ you're too old to get fit?

    12:42 You need to train for at least 30 minutes for it to be effective?

    12:51 It's better to train on an empty stomach, true or false?

  16. Just subscribing to Magnus on YouTube has given me so much value when starting this journey. I could list out the things that feel better about my training and nutrition but the main thing is I feel confident about it. Thank you.

  17. Aloha Magnus, what type of exercise program would you recommend for 65+ year olds? I want to be more fit at my age.

  18. "How much coffee is too much coffee?"

    You're asking this question of a Swede.


  19. Good to know its never too late.

  20. 95% of these questions leave out the important information of "what goal does the person posing the question have in mind?" Yes, if you want to lose weight, then rice is better than pasta, because it's a slow carb which evokes a lower insulin response. As an example. It always depends on the goal.

  21. JB Golf says:

    With the belt? I wear It to prevent a hernia. When I squat heave I feel a bulge in my lower left abb. So I can’t push hard. When I wear a belt I don’t feel pain. I have a six pack and strong core. Should I continue to wear a belt?

  22. I am 53 and i have never been fitter in my life. See the pic. I work out 5 times a week, 3 of them i also run 10 km and i cycle 50 km every other day.

  23. Tr1bal says:

    not really true about the belt exactly. You use the belt to brace. without the belt you also have so brace. Its more a support tool for bracing. Its not that you dont use your core anymore.

  24. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  25. Duke Rollo says:

    Do carbs cause inflammation and does inflammation cause disease?

  26. A couple of questions I have:
    Does drinking ice cold water burn more calories?
    Does eating hot sauce or spicy food burn more calories?
    What type of coffee do you drink and what do you put in it or add to it?

  27. Ken Turpin says:

    I would love to hear your thoughts on pre and post workout meals/snacks. Amounts, macros etc. cheers!

  28. Ivo Kovač says:

    What are you talking about. Coffee doesnt have a benefit. Just one cup of coffee stops absorbing calcium for three days. It has more than 80 toxic substances and it is only plant on the planet, that can kill itself with its own substances. Do the right research please…

  29. jjw says:

    Low carb diet tested twice as fast as low fat diet but thats probably becouse of malnutrition.

  30. Sean Harvey says:

    I would disagree as to number one. Carbs are a plentiful (in many if not most circumstances THE most plentiful) and easily accessible form of energy, hence their involvement in metabolism (from an evolutionary perspective), but they also spike insulin twice as high as protein and even higher than that than with respect to fat, and insulin not only insures that calories are stored rather than used, but prevents metabolism of bodyfat for energy (you're not gonna cut if you're eating enough carbs to fuel your body). The only essential use for carbs is for the brain in the form of glucose (which, if not otherwise available, can be converted from fat or protein) and that there are certain necessary nutrients that can be delivered in higher concentrations from carbs than from fat or protein (but it's a very niche thing, and you can do great on just meat for reasons I don't have time to get into, or even just mostly fat as long as you're not trying to build muscle mass). But basically, you can't go wrong by restricting carbs as long as you are making it up with fat and protein. But don't mistake me for a hater – I think this is a great channel, and there's nobody I agree with on every question. Including myself.

    And as an update, after watching this video to the end, I could not improve on any other answer to any of the other questions. This guy (I just discovered this channel) nails it. I've been working out consistently for 45 years (probably about 9,000 workouts, I would guess); I rep out at poundages most guys of any age can't do singles at and I've got a six pack like a model (even though I drink too much, sadly but truly). I would put this channel and Athlene-x as the two best workout/nutrition channels I've seen on Youtube.

  31. Great to hear these answers! I’ve often wondered whether it’s harder to lose fat after 57. 🙂

  32. Due to my career, I can only get 3 gym visits in per week, a TB alternating light and heavy days works great for me

  33. Weight/strength training causes you to burn more calories at rest.

  34. FIT KRISTEN says:

    All this talk of coffee makes me want to drink coffee! I'm pregnant and limiting myself to 1-2 cups throughout the day and I MISS IT!!!

  35. A fast 10 minute workout can do a lot.

  36. Briana Henry says:

    Your comment about getting weird questions made me lol. I can just imagine some of the doozies you get from random people over the internet. 😆

  37. I'm pretty happy about the coffee answer! Good video. Sensible advice. Thanks, from an old guy.

  38. Karmen says:

    Ok so my question is, which builds muscle more effectively, taking in the proteins before or after workout?
    To me it makes more sense carbs before workout (if it's late in the day), for energy and then proteins after workout, to provide building blocks to the muscles which got ripped apart and now need to grow.

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