30-Minute HIIT Cardio Workout with Warm Up – No Equipment at Home | SELF

In this high intensity cardio bodyweight workout from trainer Lita Lewis, you’ll spike your heart rate with high-knees, fast feet, and …

49 thoughts on “30-Minute HIIT Cardio Workout with Warm Up – No Equipment at Home | SELF

  1. DL. Jay says:

    totally a killer workout, I almost died 😭

  2. bub says:

    I started eating healthier 3 weeks ago weighing 70 today I weight 65🎉. I will also start exercising today starting with this hoping to reach my goal of 55 by June.

  3. RESPECT LoL says:

    Does it works….?

  4. But I think the 30secs are many for each . It would have been 20

  5. Aiman Shabir says:

    Best workout ever, I follow this video and do my cardio session with you only ❤

  6. Day 1:- did the whole workout but took a lot of breaks in between circuit, overall it's good, will try tomorrow again

  7. Sheddy BS says:

    Hoe many calories this workout burn?

  8. I’ve been doing this almost everyday for months and it’s great for when I get bored of running

  9. Attempt #1 3/28

    Ok so I paused the video twice, at 647 and at 1003, to catch my breath. My muscles were fatigued early on. After my second pause, I didn’t pause the video anymore. Though I will say, I took advantage of the ad breaks. There were only two and both were during the rest. So I basically had an additional 15 seconds each (1 additional minute in total with pause and ads).

    I powered through the rest of the workout without stopping. But with modifications and slowing down.

    My goal: keep moving. Even at snails pace.

    Recorded on watch:
    227 Active calories burned
    HR range 108-173

  10. I got to the 6.33 mark today ,will make it 10 tmrw!

  11. garden says:

    I hate the ads..

  12. Marina Mas says:

    The fact that SHE TALKS WHILE doing all this is crazyyy🤯

  13. UA13 says:

    Can anyone tell me if it's good to lose weight this way

  14. This 30 second can change you do it everyday

  15. Hyun-mi says:

    day 1: did the whole 30 min workout in 1 hour 😂
    Day 2: strength exercises
    Day 3: did the whole 30 min workout in 38 min ❤

  16. nobody asked says:

    Day one : 7:18
    Day4: got thru first circuit
    Keep beating ur old self that's enough

  17. who tao says:

    After 2 min. I lost conciousness 😢

  18. Pcos brought me here

  19. Ja I nela se ubijemo od ovog treninga cao

  20. I do this exercise while fasting and feeling so bad 🥲 and happy Ramadan everyone

  21. Eman says:

    Can I do this exercises while fasting?

  22. Shefali Sara says:

    Thinking of ways to trick myself into considering doing this. But i know ill love my body if i just try and stay consistent

  23. Shefali Sara says:

    I can literally see myself getting a heart attack just watching this.

  24. Rose Derde says:

    After this workout despite the pain it felt really good , how many calories do u burn with this workout

  25. Riet Vanraes says:

    You're the best! THX

  26. I only did the warm up and honestly that's good for me 😭😭

  27. First day, am out at 13: 30

  28. Yang Araza says:

    I'm almost died 6mins

  29. Wow very nice I follow I love you 💕

  30. Philip Stone says:

    What a killer workout! My heart rate is cruising and I'm dripping with sweat. Thank you!

  31. How much calories it will burn

  32. the fact that i force myself to smile even though I was dying 😭😁🥵😭

  33. Im only 14:20 into this workout & I'm sweating like cooked sausages!!!

  34. emmakathryn says:

    Thank you for an awesome workout!! Had me breathless 😂

  35. Cxctuz says:

    I personally do 3 minutes of this video gradually in the day until i finish the video!

  36. Malamar Kudi says:

    I am 6 months pregnant 🤰 but I do this all the way to the very end 😅 I am enjoying this workout

  37. mehjeannie says:

    Day 1: I only did a half of 30 minutes. I can't finish it. 😭
    Day 2:…

  38. Only made it 4mins into video and that was the warm up and my heart is madly beating I got this as pe hw and still couldn't do it 😅😅😂

  39. I found this video in 2020 and it is still my favorite! Took me awhile to make it through the whole video and I definitely saw progress after 3 weeks!! Definition in my legs and glutes!!!

  40. Liv_ow says:

    Sorry guys but the 6 first minute got me dead on the floor

  41. Feels great every single time i do this 🎉 thx great content 😊

  42. Thao Nguyen says:

    t đã chếc lịm khi tập gần hết bài 😵‍💫

  43. Chris says:

    Did the full workout, and finally after 6 months of discovering it.

  44. I was going to do a workout but then I just ended up watching 😭

  45. bgsila says:

    7 minute and i am dying

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