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What We Eat In A Day ♥ Easy Vegan Recipes For Everyone

The Boho Beautiful Vegan Food diary – What We Eat In A Day ♥ Easy Vegan Recipes For Everyone After many requests and diet …

34 thoughts on “What We Eat In A Day ♥ Easy Vegan Recipes For Everyone

  1. "Rank raisins" hahahaha I agree 100%

  2. Hi guys just found your wonderful channel an l subscribed an love it,thanks for showing us this vlog 😊❤❤❤❤❤

  3. It’s all pretty and yummy but high in sugar/carbs and very little protein.

  4. Ahhh someone who tells the truth about goji berries lol rank raisins

  5. How many years have you? Bé carefull with tooth take calcium and magnesium extra or by to your teeth

  6. @NA-gg7uy says:

    This is sooo unhealthy on so many levels u can even see the outlines of their bones – zero muscle build up on a vegan diet. Both of u look so worn and the cute music and all that fruit sugar ur consuming cant hide the fact that this is no natural way to live for a human being. U need animal fat, animal protein and less sugar (aka all those fruits). If id eat like this id end up diabetic and sooo skinny after a month. Reclaim ur health people. Dont get fooled by big business (vegan) propaganda.

  7. So beautiful. Totally inspired. Thank you.

  8. I am curious about their thoughts on sugar. The smoothie bowl looks great, but my concern is the sugar intake.

  9. you eat too much canned food, you shouldn't ! Can food is a significant source of BPA,deadly bacteria,salt,sugar, or preservatives , which may cause  problems. You have a kitchen,cook them, not that difficult to boil some chickpeas or beans.

  10. Do Thrive ship to U.K.? X

  11. @verdelila says:

    I'm from Costa Rica, I hope to see u guys 1 day 🌱🤍

  12. Loved loved it❤️❤️❤️

  13. why my youtube suggested this ;–;

  14. @stive9823 says:

    Thank you so much.

  15. @leannbeth says:

    Can’t wait to see this family style🌞👩‍🍼😇

  16. me watching this eating junk foods the moment i woke up

  17. @juli-fz7ep says:

    this video makes me so happy

  18. Hi, I have one question; do you eat Gluten Free? What you think about Gluten? 🙂

  19. @jaclynh9343 says:

    You guys are so my kind of people. Just laid back, empathetic, creative, tender-hearted. <3 <3 Love you guys!

  20. There is actually very little protein in that menu…

  21. Omg I loved the joke with the rolled baby 😂😁😉

  22. I'd have to add some hummus to the rice wraps. 🙂

  23. Wow, I thought bananas and pineapple were high in sugar on the glycemic index. But you look great so there's your proof.

  24. Where do you guys buy your jewellery ?

  25. You two work so well together 💕✌

  26. What fruit can you substitute instead of pineapple for smoothie making? X

  27. @ThomasW4tl says:

    Hello! Does anybody know the name of the background song?

  28. You both are so so cute! I feel your togetherness and LOVE its so NICE! Thank you, I appreciate it! xx☺️

  29. That all looks so delicious and I plan on trying it on my next experiment night, but dear Lord your chopping technique is making me panic for your fingers

  30. @Tauney says:

    I love yalls cute home! It reflects your nirvana style!! People think it's hard. But being vegan is really easy, and changes everything for the better. ❤

  31. 7:41 I see what you're saying but Costa Rica is still North America.

  32. This looks really yummy but I feel like I would be so hungry throughout the day fr. This is so little food for just eating vegetables and fruits.

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