Recreational Marijuana

Ep #559 Recreational Marijuana and Drug Dogs

Anthony Bandiero discusses the implications of Ohio’s recent legalization of recreational marijuana on law enforcement practices.

2 thoughts on “Ep #559 Recreational Marijuana and Drug Dogs

  1. @Eann2001 says:

    You need to come teach some classes in Ohio. Im a 55 year old grandma that eats gummies so i dont keep killing my liver with Tylenol and was berated, lectured, and humiliated for having pot i was legal to carry. He asked if i had anything in car i was honest so got handcuffed for it.

  2. @BirdDogey1 says:

    The cannabis providers in Orange County, Calfornia do a healthy morning business with the seniors picking up product for pain Office crowd shops during lunch and late afternoon is the party crowd.

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