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Veterans and post-traumatic stress: Is medical marijuana the answer?

As more states legalize the use of marijuana for medical and recreational uses, the debate continues over whether the …

9 thoughts on “Veterans and post-traumatic stress: Is medical marijuana the answer?

  1. 1 & 1/2 years & only 11 comments????? WTF??? January 2020 I was standing at the kiosk where I purchase my CBD OIL talknig with the owner when she leaned to one side, looking around me & saying "Hi how are you" I turned to see an elderly gentleman that broke out in tears!!!?? The owner came from around the counter to console the gentleman and after several minutes he composed himself enough to blurt out "Miss Pam my flashbacks have near left me and im now sleeping 6-7 hours a night" I later learned the gentleman was/is a Vietnam Veteran that had suffered all these decades with the flashbacks and rarely slept more than 2 hours a night!! It was his first time back to the kiosk since purchasing his CBD and I just happened to be there!! completely random!!!!! What more does anyone need to hear???

  2. How about that Ayahuasca shirt haha

  3. @lisagee3318 says:

    AAA it's no need for substance I'm quite sure you're not reading English is this English dealing with yourself up substance that is not a card game it is not stacking substance on top of substance without understanding the first substance that would be you to be able to maintain stability of Mental Health now you people want to go to the military whatever before the recruiters door individuals had so many situations hopefully they went to the military hopefully they come home with a honorable discharge now you go to war so many things transpire then you come home and you lie to yourself with all the situations that you did not rectify that sent you to the recruiters door so now when you come back home you want to blame me on PTSD what happened to the first substance that was you okay this is not a science class not that you want to go to your brain and open up your mouth and want the air to cover your lies that you want to lie to yourself and you just not going to be able to do that English nobody told you nothing

  4. @CombatDoc54 says:

    I think the VA wants veterans to stay on the meds they prescribe to us because one of the side effects of many of the meds is thoughts of suicide. Two of my meds have that side effect. The more veterans that commit suicide, that is that less that they have to take care of.

  5. @James-gz6iq says:

    It's a false narrative to say that prescribed meds are poison, recreational marijuana is not a treatment because it temporarily creates different psychotic effects in user's. The repeat use of marijuana isn't directed at treating depression, numbness, hypervigilence, or flashbacks. Repeat use of marijuana creates a sensation of happiness, or calmness, but it doesn't treat any of the conditions mentioned above.

    Legalizing marijuana also creates an abuse in the VA, so that more people are joining the military to claim marijuana for "back pain."

    The VA system is treating veterans from prior generations, and struggling to do so, marijuana will introduce additional problems. It's also asking the VA to pay for healthcare that's not service connected.

    The VA may as well pay for ecstasy, or morphine for the sake of veterans 'feeling' better, but not treated for flashbacks, hypervigilence, nightmares, isolation, depression, spinal disc compression, joint problems, phobia, or even paralysis.

    The VA is not a free market for marijuana addicts to get free treatment. The VA already compensates disabled veterans generously, so vets can buy marijuana if they want to because complex or combat related ptsd vary from person to person. Marijuana is a psychoactive chemical that can induce chronic tolerance, just like prescribed medicne.

    President Trump is trying to negotiate for lower drug prices for healthcare, and cheaper drug costs means less profit for big pharma. Old "big pharma" fake narratives doesn't work for that argument.

    Marijuana dates back to the beginning of human civilization, and obviously the military, and ptsd. If marijuana was the treatment, or remedy, wouldn't you think it's become the treatment already?

  6. They want those veterans to stay on their pills big Pharma don't want no part of it

  7. Marijuana has 0 side effect.
    πŸ’Š have many side effects.
    Most veterans take a πŸ’Š for a πŸ’Š for a πŸ’Š for a πŸ’Š.
    What is that concoction called?
    Concoctions = Posion = Murdered.
    The VA wants to kill veterans.
    Actions speak louder then words.
    The way I see it now days.
    No service in the military, No citizenship.
    We will die with the title True American.

    Long Live America!

    CVFM2: Combat Veterans For Medical Marijuana.

    Second to None
    Steadfast & Loyal
    Ready & Able

  8. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ has an obligation to provide veterans healthy options, multitudes. Marijuana is one option. The majority of those psychiatric drug options are poisoned pills that mask problems instead of providing inner healing.

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