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The ONLY 5 Exercises You Need to Look Jacked (men over 40)

If you’re looking to build a head turning, aesthetic physique that commands attention, you must focus on developing key muscles …

45 thoughts on “The ONLY 5 Exercises You Need to Look Jacked (men over 40)

  1. @shug2795 says:

    Love this video. My only concern especially for someone my age (69) is the speed at which your model performs the 5 exercises. Time under tension allows us to reduce the over-all weight while maximizing the return on investment, regardless of your age. I am going to hybridize your 5 salient exercises into a TUT program that will provide an even wider spectrum of muscles with an extended time under tension. The tell-tale signs are "feeling the burn" (tingling) for an extended period of time AFTER your workout, even while using lighter weights! Thank you for a GREAT program enhancement!

  2. I have arthritis in my lower back this program seems to suit my needs thx 👍

  3. I’m trying to understand the difference between the two different trap bar dead lift variations? Can some one help me?

  4. I was a certified ACE trainer, but I am always learning something new on your channel. Thank you guys !!
    I am 70 yrs old and have my dumbbell gym benches at home. My dad taught me young, and he was an excellent WW II (Normandy) weightlifter, as well as my brothers. A good, old fashioned country family. Must stay fit to handle any emergencies that may arise !! Self defense these days is also very important, including protecting loved ones. As a veteran and former LEO – be prepared for the unexpected and live free !!

  5. @J5-qd8pf says:

    Thanks ! Great Affirmation. As for the Quirky clown that’s a good example of the bad example – his character could be redefined for less serious distractions to the tutorial.

  6. @ppaooh says:

    Really interesting. What Is your opinion about doing these exercises in a circuit training since I need to loose some belly fat and increasing muscle Mass, thanks

  7. @calabreese says:

    great exercises. get rid of the psycho doing the exercises and these videos would be more appealing

  8. @lapdog4135 says:

    Just give me the exercise and forget the study, I’m not hear to read a study. If you feel you got to back up what you’re saying with a study just mention the study and move along. Who wants to hear you read a study? Nobody has time for it just get to the point, that’s what I’m here for. Thanks.

  9. @chall3038 says:

    The beats on these videos have that west coast bounce !

  10. Very informative video But can I ask why does the model keep making those childish faces .

  11. Over 40 ? exercise selection will be based on individual differences, especially those that lived an abusive lifestyle. There is no magic 5, just the 5 you can make work for you, if you are only going 5.

  12. Why’s he talking so slow?

  13. @echarbor3 says:

    What deadlift version could I use if I do not have access to a trap bar?

  14. @karlkooser says:

    Thank you! Good insights

  15. @mich5924 says:

    Lol @ the stock footage of the very old man in the doctor's office. I don't think lateral raises are what he needs.

  16. @heydadd says:

    I am 72 and started working out in 2019 when I retired. Feels great to workout using my Inspire cable machine and dumbell set. At home. Great videos and motivating. I just miss the collagen and youth.

  17. @bpagan32 says:

    Lost me at deadlift, the most overated unsafe awkward lift of all lifts. Soon enough people will be like wtf were people doing that?

  18. About a year ago I contracted frozen shoulder at work.

  19. Get a model for the video that do not make constipated faces, the explanations are excellent!!!!

  20. @king-yq5xj says:

    Helpful information, thank you.

  21. Trap bar deadlifts, squats, chins, dips, barbell presses. Forget everything else.

  22. @bigslice54 says:

    Follow this to look like you are riding a chicken

  23. @bigslice54 says:

    Unnatural hand talkers look so…..UNNATURAL!

  24. Good show. 77 here working out every other day. Does your guy there need to make those crazy faces. They'll give some kid nightmares.

  25. @krel4115 says:

    what i need are 5 compound Exercises Look Jacked for men 40+

  26. very concise and well articulated…as i thought of a question you were already answering it..great job …ok im 66 pro musician and really love life..i travel all the time cruise ships caribbean bars clubs western canada and i do my best to stretch jog bike swim as much as i can but i want a program that i can follow.. i want to build strength endurance muscle mass and quite frankly delay the onset of aging to the very best of my abilities…diet sleep exercise…..any and all tips gratefully received cheers

  27. @grumpysquid says:

    I would not have subbed if it wasn’t for the guy in the blue alpha tanktop

  28. @Mike-vd2qt says:

    Thank you! 70 year old here. Have been doing low bar back squat and standard deadlifts for overall strength. BUT, even with a trainer watching me it is getting into my lower back now. The Hex Bar is much better, no pain. Had left shoulder surgery 20 years ago; and torn bicep right side, so straight bar bench press is very limited. Dumbbells are much better for me. Thanks again.

  29. @John_Doh says:

    Interesting to see the data in the line graph seemingly indicate a different conclusion than you give in the video, regarding the bench press and its maximum effectiveness for chest development. You conclude from the same study results that a 15-deg incline is best for all, but the data shows the flat bench to be more ideal for all 3 parts of the chest. The only muscle group that looks to get significantly better activation with the 15-deg incline bench is the front delts, but even they get almost as good an activation from the flat bench, whereas the mid and lower pecs' activation drops off significantly when inclining to 15 degrees.

  30. Where did your model get his workout gear? Those pants gotta increase your squat.

  31. To look jacked over 40 all you really need to do is a full body workout. 2 hours a day 3 days a week. I agree with the pull downs and pull ups. Seated rows . But you really need to hit every body part every time. Back legs core chest etc. a balanced physique is better than an outstanding body part that calls attention to your stick legs.

  32. OMG this guys voice and cadence is putting me to sleep.

  33. What helped me get back into 95 % shape is working at a large home improvement store where I stand , walk , squat , lift , pull ect a majority of my 8 hour shift . I still need to get back into lifting weights . I was 222 Lbs when I started my job last may . Now I weigh 198-200 Lbs. I got some definition in my chest and stomach and arms area ive always wanted noticable Lats like when a cobra puffs his side hoods out in 6"2 and 45 years old

  34. I can't watch the whole thing. The guy in the blue tank top is cringing me to death.

  35. Has anyone in this video used performance enhancing substances to increase thier muscle mass? They look really big or is that purely down to your workout routine?

  36. Good video (up to 2:42 when I bailed) but that obnoxious background noise/sounds is worse than nails on a blackboard. It's totally unnecessary. You're a good presenter and don't need to hold your viewers attention with amateur stuff like that.

  37. @patterbt says:

    For a guy who just turned 50, what sort of rep & set routine would you recommend? I am primarily a runner, but am trying to lift at least once or twice a week to fend off father time as I get older and to try to "stay strong" (or get more strong, like I was when I was younger and all I did was lift weights…)

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