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30 MIN BOOTY + ABS – WITH MINI BAND, No Repeat Home Workout

Who’s ready for some intense Booty + Ab Burn? The workout is split into glute-focused exercises and then finishing with a series …

24 thoughts on “30 MIN BOOTY + ABS – WITH MINI BAND, No Repeat Home Workout

  1. BUTT LIFT + ABS… who's joining? 💦 Comment below if you're working out with the team! Guys – don't shy away I promise this workout is for everyone 💪🏼💪🏼 Let's do it!! Anna xx

  2. Best home workout ever, thank u ❤

  3. @AnkitaOm_01 says:

    Thanks Anna ❤❤❤❤

  4. I definitely enjoy your workouts, but aren’t you supposed to twist your upper body a lot more for the Russian twist? You’re just tapping your hands on either side where I thought we were supposed to actually twist our shoulders and try to tap behind each hip? Thanks for the videos, I definitely enjoy a good workout where I don’t have to hear a lot of chatter🫶🫶

  5. Today was my first day. I will repeat this workout until I can do all the exercises well. Thank you

  6. Wow !! The best work out

  7. A million thanks to you Anna❤❤

  8. love the setup you have!

  9. tập nặng mún xỉu mấy má ôi

  10. My butt was burning a little!!

  11. This workout is great mood booster. Its perfect beginning of the day 🤙💪

  12. @PrinciBess says:

    Hey Anna!! Really liked this one!! You should do some more band series! Thx 🙌🏼🍍

  13. @Thefitty says:

    DONE 🙂 Thanks anna.

  14. Thanks Anna! Just found the resistance band videos! You are such a strong human!

  15. @mashaNYC says:

    Perfect workout, feeling so good!!

  16. what a wasteful workout man the exercises were not even effecting the only reason they could be effecting is because we are doing them for fucking 1 min without break and you have to give break in between so that we know the next exercise dude work more on your content

  17. The booty burn was so intense im thankful for the cool down afterwards! The booty finishers were ABSOLUTELY INSANE! Can’t believe i barely survived through. I hope my booty will be toned from doing this a few more times. I didnt feel much in my core unfortunately… 147 cals burnt.

  18. It was not easy but I did it

  19. @hmpgomes says:

    Completed this one with no breaks! Drenched in sweat. Booty and abs on fire! Thank you Anna ♥️

  20. I looove this workout! You're sooo amazing🤩.I Love your workouts and way how you are motivating us to exercise with you and keep going with this😍. I'm 13 years old and it help me to feel and look better.
    One more time thank you Anna♥️♥️♥️.

  21. Hi Anna, How are you?

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