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It’s time to get in the best shape of YOUR life from home! Get ready for one of the best Home Abs & Legs Workout of your LIFE!

36 thoughts on “2 in 1 ABS & LEGS HOME WORKOUT (10 MIN NO EQUIPMENT)

  1. @gp2296 says:

    Such a great workout!!!

  2. Hi guys I just found this workout a couple weeks ago decided to start a streak going and updating along the way
    Day 1: Feeling the burn definitely sweating

  3. idont have muscules but after trying this 10 min , its just a warm u p

  4. @Andy_arts1 says:

    Hello Fraser, I really love your videos! I do about 30mins per day from your vids. ❤ pls make more 😊

  5. @RunaxRP says:

    Ok, good workout, but maybe could you make them more intense? I'm a thirteen year old girl and after a 30 min ab and back workout I did this and it was a bit to easy.

  6. Did this workout a couple days ago and my abs and legs were on FIRE 🔥

    I really wanted a quick, effective workout to do at home because I didn't want to stay in the park too long considering I had some extra work on my plate. This was exactly what I needed.

    – Jamar

  7. @kitkat369 says:

    May i go with 1 day upper body between

  8. This was a good exercise

  9. could i do this and a full body one day and the next do upper body and full body or am i missing anything?

  10. @vector3927 says:

    Thanks man you I got Tired of You 💪👍❤👏👌🔥

  11. @kentin9516 says:

    Thank you for this 😊

  12. Thanks this was an amazing workout!!

  13. @btexd6469 says:

    Them FITS NICE Homie Where From Gymshark?

  14. i like that workout keep up the work

  15. @aisy6137 says:

    I thought sit up and crunches are bad for you?

  16. I stopped when he started twerking 😂😂😂😂

  17. @DeathX0822 says:

    11 legs workout and 8 abs workout…Take 5 legs and 3 abs right?

  18. Hey Fraser, you have the most beautiful physic and you inspire me the most when you practising exercise.

  19. @palmleaf37 says:

    Your unique simple affirmations at the end after hard exercise are what caught me in to subscribe and keep exercising with you. 😉 –Terry

  20. @johandre19 says:

    How can i get big calves like you bro give me some advice

  21. @stijn3166 says:

    hey Fraser can you once make a 30 mins leg workout?

  22. Thank you for sharing,,

  23. I did all Basic training But that was so hard

  24. Make more all in one videos like this also make full week workout plan without equipments pls fraser wilson

  25. It's all well. But I find it a bit too short. Feels more like a good warm-up to me.

  26. @space1443 says:

    This bout to be fire! 🔥

  27. @AJ-qs4vw says:

    Will you be posting any gym workouts? I would love to know your workout split

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