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The #1 Workout That BLEW UP My Shoulders (3 Exercises)

Wondering how to grow your shoulders? Today I want to share the #1 shoulder workout that absolutely blew up my delts.

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  1. Hope you enjoyed this one, and shoutout to my fellow pinoys! 🇵🇭 See below for a summary of all the research covered:




  2. @justbud says:


  3. @banditkade says:

    I tried doing seated overhead presses like this, Click City for BOTH of my shoulders. Usually I have issues with just my right if I have any problems at all doing shoulder exercises; it's rare for my left shoulder to click. I found it more comfortable to just put the seat back to 90 degrees and do them the way I always have. Is there something I'm doing wrong, or is it just one of those "every body is different" things?

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  5. Egyptian raise helped me get 3d shoulders. Also rear delts are a must. Dont neglect.

  6. New subscriber here from the Philippines, also new in gym. I suffered Potassium Deficiency, so going to gym is my best hobby now.

    Before I'm a drunkard, but now I'm into healthy living. And going to gym is one of my morning chores ❤️

    More power to you and keep sharing your knowledge 🍻
    God Bless You.

  7. @megaj1289 says:

    Great quality video man. Thanks for the info!!

  8. @StuckyJ says:

    I like how you offer workouts in multiple ways

  9. @laserlax20 says:

    Could use a Smallback bench, dont have to deal with angles…

  10. @sathanko437 says:

    He always knows a lot.

  11. Very good information and explained

  12. one must love all those billions of gypsies living in gyms, so cute

  13. @UktHrll says:

    10 to 16-20 in 8 weeks did these guys not train hard enough when I hit a new PR I usually try to do 10 reps first week to get used to the weight then 15 the next works like a charm then by the next week I hit 20 and once I'm comfortable with 20 every set for like 2-3 weeks I increase the weight but I don't use the new weight until I hit at least 10 with it since that's just ego lifting

  14. @jaworld9272 says:

    How to hide the freaking clavicle bone popping out of my shoulder

  15. @k7crusader says:

    Kudos to this guy for being natty

  16. @abu_staif says:

    I don’t really understand what change you're doing to the seated shoulder press…

  17. thank you. i learned something today

  18. @andreadi27 says:

    This video is incredible, many thanks for your professionality

  19. @NONLIBERALS says:

    Funny when a guy like u try to tell whats what and u not more then 60kg🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. @4k_ace says:

    fuck this science shit big heavy weight go up so big muscle go up do every other day and boom big muscle.

  21. I don't agree with fake muscles. I don't agree with lifting weights @ the gym to create muscles. Keep it natural, keep it real. If you don't have any, well you don't have any, stop creating something you naturally don't have. Love your natural body.

  22. Can some please tell me what software he uses to make these animations?

  23. Hearing you say “not just stretching, but challenging the muscle the most while in the stretched position” was a lightbulb moment for me. You used the seated curls vs preacher curls example and 🤯 I chose those seated ones becuase I thought it was just about stretching the most.

    Awesome stuff and really slick animations too, shout-out to you (and/or your editor)!

  24. кожа на дельтах не поспевает за ростом мышц , что то тут не чисто у вас

  25. I found this really helpful as I have shoulder joint issues and struggle to work these muscles in the standard ways!

  26. Juice did 💉💉💉

  27. @kurtttttttt says:

    love the research-based content! and hello from a fellow filipino!

  28. Thanks Jeremy. This is new information me – looking forward to implementing and seeing how it goes!

  29. @roj546 says:

    Man that Filipino genetics line hit me

  30. Amazing. Thank God for His love, mercy, protection, and creations and thank God during the highs and lows and God bless you and all of us in Jesus Christ’s King of all kings blood that was shed and name we declare and name we pray amen 😊

    Fantastica. Gracias a Dios por El amor, merced, proteccion, y creaciones y gracias a Dios todo los dias mala o bueno y vayan con Dios a todos y yo en el sangre y nombre de Cristo Jesus Rey de reys amen 😊

  31. Thanks for the video

  32. @hothandzz says:

    I love the science!!!

  33. @LIAM-zl4ok says:

    i really thought yalls program was gonna help me n it might but i really don't have that kind of money.

  34. Hindi mai hota toh jada maja ata but this was also perfect 🎉🎉

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