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HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN MEAL PLAN FOR FAT LOSS | MyFitnessPal Tutorial Remington James 2023


47 thoughts on “HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN MEAL PLAN FOR FAT LOSS | MyFitnessPal Tutorial Remington James 2023

  1. 60 lbs down, loving the recipes… but jeez man, you probably should be working in more veggies (low calorie, adds volume, adds fiber)

    In fact, let me throw a recipe your way. Nachos! Sheet pan style.

    There are two parts of nachos that are high calorie, the chips and the cheese. You already know what to do with the cheese, but the big trick with the chips is to replace them with mini peppers cut in half so they look like a chip, scrape out the innards. Place these all over the sheetpan. Top with low calorie taco meat (I use 96/4 lean beef, I just couldn't get on board with the turkey taste; also, use beef stock instead of water and use some gelatin… it is the same proteins that are in really well cooked, fall off the bone meat). Throw on fat free or low fat cheese and I splurge a little and add some queso on top. Top with tomatoes, olives, jalapeno, green chilies, whatever you might want on there. After cooking, throw on some no fat plain greek yogurt in place of sour cream.

    I am telling you, way more veggies and it is the freaking bomb. And it is huge, very filling.

    Also… creami homemade ice cream… I make them so I have 100-350 calories for a full pint in a variety of flavors and it is my last snack of the day (make with protein powder works really well for some high protein versions that taste great; if you have only a few calories left, go with strawberry or mango chili lime sorbet).

  2. I remember following you back in the Ohio days when you had the Honda & I was following the Keto journey . The work ethic is elite 🔥

  3. @markn9619 says:

    im 5’9 at currently 169 to 172 pounds (i dont know because my weight changes constantly) myfitness pal brings me in at 1,810 calories and 97 grams of protein, is this correct or does my protein need to be higher to lose weight and fat?

  4. For someone who is very overweight how often do you recommend they go into the apps and check and/or change their numbers? I’m 5 ft 8 and weight about 340. Would I wait until I’m down to 300 to check my new caloric intake then adjust the protein from there? Or is that too soon or late to readjust the numbers? HELP!!?

  5. So do you do protein shakes or drinks? I feel like I’ve seen you drink them but that might have been someone else. Lol

  6. I've finally started! Monday was day 1. I'm really out of shape so I'm doing the threadmill for 25 minutes a day. I plan on going for the stair master next. I'm trying to incorporate better meals but I'm taking my time with that. I don't want to try and do too much at once. I'm also dealing with depression and anxiety and I dont want to overwhelm myself. But watching videos like these are helpful.

  7. are you really 32? thought you were in late 20s

  8. If you switch your location to UK you can use the scanner without paying on MFP

  9. I would totally consider you a cool dude only if you stopped with the “Let’s do it” not trying to be mean and I know one statement doesn’t define a person, but sometimes it can you tell a person’s personality if they think something like that is cool to say…which it isn’t in case your wondering.

  10. Just purchased your cookbook today! I'm super excited to try the recipes 😋 I've lost close to 100 pounds since 2020, and I'm at the point where I want to build as much muscle as possible and quit being so restrictive on myself. I'm hoping your cookbook allows me to still eat healthy and hit my new goals! Thank you 😊

  11. @koalxz5824 says:

    Love you Remington James you’re the absolute GOAT 🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💯🙏😭😭🙏❤️💯

  12. @Antattack22 says:

    Change country to UK and scan feature works perfectly 🎉

  13. @johnli2886 says:

    I don’t think I see that protein bar at my traders Joe’s

  14. @jagsterr1 says:

    Thank you – I was always confused on how to calculate macros and how much I needed. Great video!

  15. @sds6303 says:

    As much as I meal prep & even work with another professional body builder here on Long Island, the same foods over & over become so boring. Thank you for all you do!

  16. @LDot165 says:


  17. Saw you on YT Years ago glad I found you again I AM DESPERATE! to lose weight and this is my issue I don't know what calories I need in a day I also am 48 so I need more protein 😉 Thanks for helping us ;)))

  18. @C_Squared says:

    Suggestion from the MyFitnessPal app user and your cookbook. You need to put a bar code or a QR code on the recipes in your cookbook so we can scan it and put it in our meals easily. Macros auto populate and boom. Off and running.

  19. @omesmeeb says:

    you really need to put in your body fat % if you are really fat/heavy. The calorie difference can be 500-1000 calories for maintenance calories

  20. Down 40 pounds rn got another 45 to go trying to increase more muscle along the way because I don’t want loose skin

  21. So when he said "everyone's out to make a quick buck" he was including himself….. there's nothing in this video about how to make a meal plan. Just trying to sell your "cookbook".

  22. REM! Thank you a lot for all the recipes and hard work you put into these videos the cookbook is my favorite and is a go to! You’re a big inspiration to me!

  23. @graefx says:

    Myfitnesspal pay walling bar codes is my biggest L of 2022. Still a good tracking app but geez it's like they cut out the best part

  24. I can’t use the grams option in my fitness pal 😢

  25. Honestly hardest thing for me to decide is how active I am because I'm unsure how active my lifestyle is, I'm a ramp agent so I load planes with luggage but I didn't consider this so I put light exercise so mine might be off

  26. Great video man, this is exactly what I was looking for. That app is gold can't wait to try it out. I'm 5'-7" and weight 181 so I'm not exactly looking to lose weight but would definitely like to lose some fat and cut cut like yourself. Thanks for the info and good job.

  27. @annette681 says:

    Your videos are really helpful, thank you!

  28. Time to hop back on the Remington James bandwagon again….LETS DO ITTT

  29. Always watch the videos but forget to comment 🤦🏼‍♂️🤣🤣 Let’s do it!!!!

  30. @lizsal9928 says:

    ANABAR would be awesome to try!

  31. Your videos Got me out of a dark place in 2020,
    Life but hard and just lost our mother,
    Your videos are helping on the treadmill right now.
    I owe her to be the best version of myself ❤

  32. @husk1942 says:

    For me MyFitnessPal already calculated the right amount, no adjustments needed.

  33. @JENESCO99 says:

    to look at the updated version of the cook book how do I do that if I previously purchased it? anyone.?????

  34. @domc4666 says:

    Thanks for the TDEE link. That will help me out this year in figuring out how much I should eat.

  35. @tonywv07 says:

    Hey brother it says my tdee is 3400 I’m 6’2 330 pounds how accurate is that

  36. @vfletes1 says:

    Not sure how long I can keep it up… I don't wanna be that guy that lives with a scale and prep meals 24/7

  37. I always attempt to weigh/macro my food. I can go two or three months and i flunk. Im ready to start again but does anyone have any tips?

  38. Can anybody smell the fake news?🤥

  39. Hi Remington what do you do if you have a considerable amount of bodyfat to lose and when you i use the formula to calculate protein intake it comes out as over 300g per day which is way too much

  40. I have been following you for three years, i was 43 then. The first two, years I stayed slim and kept working out. No issues.
    I entered into peri-menopause, a year plus, and now, not even carb cycling is working. I have gained weight.
    Please let me know, what I can do to my specific diet as a woman to change. Should I increase more high carb?
    I did one day high carb, one med and rest low.
    Any advice is better than none.

  41. Whatever happen to your positive outro? You should bring it back 😄 keep up the great work!

  42. @basstpiano says:

    Question though, it’s calculating my calorie intake as 2656. I know I’m not eating more than 2200 per day but my weight continues to go up.

  43. @elijah3789 says:

    Love the vids hope I win😂

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