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5 Healthy Recipes Using Ripe Bananas

5 healthy recipes using ripe bananas: • peanut butter banana muffins (GF + DF) • coconut key lime pie smoothie • chia banana …

14 thoughts on “5 Healthy Recipes Using Ripe Bananas

  1. You seriously couldn't have a link. Now i'm going to have to take a screen shot google It and then screenshot the text which makes me able to copy it thanks

  2. @94441073 says:

    Yo make it easy, link Reciepies it's annoying having to browse your pages for one.

  3. Why are you speaking that way?

  4. I’m actually looking for recipes to use up my overstocked frozen bananas 🍌 in something other than Smoothies & Frozen daiquiri’s… Will they work with any of these recipes??🤔😏😉 Or do they only work with unfrozen Bananas??🤔😏

  5. @varshask525 says:

    I like the ideas but honestly I can’t find the recipes on the channel.
    If there were links to the videos given in the description that would have been great.

  6. Oh no that cracking voice so annoying

  7. I don’t care what, I want how

  8. Hearing banana pancakes reminds me of Jack Johnson 😊

  9. @Misshowzat says:

    Not what I'm looking for today but as soon as you said "something other than banana bread" I had to like it

  10. @annya101 says:

    Thank you so much!! 🖤 great work

  11. Where can I find all the recipes?

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