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Toned & Slim Thighs in 7 DAYS |10 Min Beginner Slim Leg Workout, No Jump (Eng Sub)

TonedThigh #LeanLeg #AthomeWorkout My diet during this week: Low carbohydrate, less sugar, no junk food, no big meal.

25 thoughts on “Toned & Slim Thighs in 7 DAYS |10 Min Beginner Slim Leg Workout, No Jump (Eng Sub)

  1. Lo voy a hacer por 14 dias haber si encuentro cambios

  2. @bella-7306 says:

    Hi,is it okay to skip one day of excersize?

  3. okay i tried this and i will update each day or try too
    day 1: ✅ no different ofc and it was really hard but i did it
    day 2: ✅ i still dont see no difference but it was much more easier then yesterday!

    i will come back for day 3!! byee❤

  4. @minh1843 says:

    Making myself accountable!!
    I’m doing this and her arm workout 😊
    Day 1: ✅
    Day 2: ✅

  5. @S1CKS_EATS says:

    Hii!! I’ll update everyday for a month

    I’ll also be doing a strict diet while on it so I plan on losing a lot :3
    Start: upper thigh;53 cm. Lower left thigh 39cm. Calf’s 30cm

    Day one: completed!! Longest time of my life..

  6. @ailen9859 says:

    Progress! :3
    I'll share updates.
    Thighs: 43cm (when i meassure next time it is 18 cm from the pelvis)

    Day 1: ✅Quite hard but I never exercise so I expected it. Also during the first exercises i thought you had to do 30 of each.

  7. @ANGELAVA703 says:

    Start date:7.1.24
    Day:the excersize was easy and hard at the same time but manageable you defos feel the burn tho!!make sure to keep your toes pointed
    Day 2:it was a lot easier but you can still feel the burn I’m already starting to notice a tiny difference!!

  8. @Gabriela_10 says:

    I will try this for a week :
    Right Leg: 46 cm
    Left leg :46 cm
    Day 1: Done ✅

  9. @flo-vw6te says:

    starting today to improve myself! i am also dieting & will update my measurements every 7 days

    Starting L thigh: 56cm
    Starting R thigh : 57cm

    Day 1: ✅

  10. @Pchofre says:

    Thighs-56 cm (more or less)
    Day 1✅

  11. Im gonna be doing this for one month
    Left thight:50cm
    Right thight:50cm

    Day 1❤
    I did it. It wasn’t that hard. Legs are a little bit sore. No change.

    Day 2❤

  12. @flaowertst says:

    started on 8th January, I’ll try to do this workout for at least a week

  13. @starfe_k says:

    Trying to do this every day for one month

    Left leg 59cm/23inc
    Right leg 60cm/24inc
    Goal: 45cm/18inc
    🎀 accomplished/ 🛌didn’t accomplish

    Day1: my legs hurt a little bitt day1🎀

  14. @CweamBunny says:

    Trying out this workout for one week and more.

    Day 1: ✅ ( It was so painful but i managed to do all the exercise. Hooray! )

  15. @trinny_y says:

    I’m going to do this because I am ashamed of how my thighs have gotten, my own family makes remarks on it 😢

    Starting: 46cm
    Goal: around 30-35cm or even less

    I will update every week if I remember tooo

  16. @stoopy3668 says:

    I’ll try to do this for as long as I can!! :))
    Right leg upper thigh:53cm
    Right leg lower thigh:43cm
    Left leg upper thigh:53cm
    Left leg lower thigh:43cm
    Goal:honestly anything lol
    ✅Day1: quite easy but the lifting leg parts quite hurt

  17. Я уже не помню сколько делаю эту тренировку 😅 наверное пол года уже

  18. Starting 7th of January! Sharing my daily updates!!

  19. Just started this today!

    Day one: ☑️ – Wasn’t able to do the last stretch 😭
    Day two:
    Day three:
    Day four:
    Day five:
    Day six:
    Day seven:

    Please help me remember about this 🥺🥰

  20. @Meowza8008 says:

    Doing this for 7 days
    Before: 47cm

    Day 1: ✅️
    Day 2: ✅️
    Day 3: ✅️
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:

  21. Started yesterday with thigh-60cm
    Day 1 ✅
    Day 2 ✅
    Day 3 ✅ felt great muscle stress 😊. Will keep the consistency.

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