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Extreme Abs Workout | 25 Min At Home Upper Abs, Lower Abs, Obliques & Total Core Pilates Routine

You guys!! I can’t believe we hit 5 million!!! 10 years ago, I was uploading YouTube videos to just 40 of my students.

48 thoughts on “Extreme Abs Workout | 25 Min At Home Upper Abs, Lower Abs, Obliques & Total Core Pilates Routine

  1. @blogilates says:

    Who wants me to do live workouts on YouTube?

  2. @babyc4244 says:

    Wow felt so good ❤
    Doing it the middle of the night (1am) lol 😂

  3. Day 1:✅️i couldn't do the 24 one
    Day 2:✅️
    Day 3:✅️

  4. @payshree says:

    can anyone tell if these exercises gives horizontal ab definition (like the 2/4 pack slight toning and definition?) cuz i don't want that i want toning of verticle abs or 11 line abs and I LOVE this workout but i am afraid i do this for 3-4 months regularly I might get horizontal ab definition (my body fat is lower so i could get some definition in couple of months or so) if anyone has idea pls do tell~! <3

  5. @garv1202 says:

    Demons not always comes with horns and tail , sometimes they come in form of a lady

  6. You should feel joy inside

  7. From round 3 I started feeling it …Idk I did this like 1 time before so I think from round three is good

  8. how many calories would you guys say this burns?

  9. Trying to do the workout but it won’t load or play 😭

  10. Thank you so much for this video! I`ve completed it after 500 reps ABS challenge

  11. @aniqah4048 says:

    Doing this for 14 days (if i can)
    Day 1: this was so difficult for me to do at first. Sweated alot, pulsing and struggled a bit esp on part 3 and 4

  12. For everyone who’s struggling to finish the workout on day 1, YOU GOT THIS! This is my first day and Im reading the comments to keep me going. It’ll get better. ❤😅

  13. @ASMH0410 says:

    I'm 57 and yes I took a break BUT, I'm proud of myself for finishing!

  14. Hello dear, I hope you are doing good? This is Nathan and u do a great and amazing job on your videos on your YouTube channel. Keep up the good work and May God continue to be with you ❤😘🌹💐🙏🤗

  15. Just did this entire thing and boy, do you really feel it. The roll-up, Jack knife, rollover and sprinter are by far the most difficult for me. My lower back can’t help but come off the mat, any modifications I can do? Thanks!

  16. Did it full..!!
    Feel so good ❤

  17. I managed to complete this and this is my first time doing this I almost cried when I heard she said done

  18. @garima4708 says:

    Counting this one for sure
    Day 1: completed not bit harsh
    Burning Sensation on abs feel in starting but all was normal I love this workouttttt my waist size is 28 inch totally and will do it for seven days so I will keep y'all updatedddd🐰
    Day:2 completed
    Today my hand is shaking but it feel good from yesterday 🐣
    Day: 3 I had trouble in Completing some of the Excercise like star abs but completed the third day. I never been consistent in any of my previous workout I use to change another one every another day. Hehe
    But the good News is my waist size is 27 inch now. I lost 1 inch 😭
    4th day: I skipped because I told you na 💀me is not someone who stay consistent
    5th day completed and my abs Looking more curved and small
    I want to tell you all that I wasn't having any diet but it still effect me so if y'all want better result then go with diet in just to days it capable of many thingsss
    Thank youuuu🐣

  19. I think this might be my favorite longer ab routine 🙂

  20. @medousa3871 says:


  21. @trini_t6695 says:

    Day 26 from Sept 2023's Playlist is complete!

  22. It was so fun trying to stay alive

  23. @marlinai says:

    This is too much strain on the neck.

  24. I find the workout effective But most of the pain was in my neck and I didn’t really enjoy the covid talk :/ I’ll try other abs workout of yours

  25. @EOLFIL says:

    It was crazy 🤪.
    But exactly what I was looking for (the pain)
    These days doing other abs workout I wasn't really feeling the pain so I was looking for something and I found this and it was amazing

  26. @aimee2718 says:

    Can someone please tell me how to do ab workouts without using my neck? I keep trying to engage my core or lift my chest but no matter what I do it feels like my neck is doing most of the work

  27. hello dear! My 8 year old daughter wants to know what you call the type of music you played in this video?🤩

  28. My best friend Ines showed me this workout like 3 months ago and we did it in our sleep over but it was a nightmare so i try doing it once each month for AN EXTREME WORKOUT now I’m pretty good at it i am so proud of myself thank you for the video

  29. @alice-wd2vo says:

    thanks for pushing us through this challenge with your encouraging words!! I've done this workout a few times before and today for the first time I did the "earthquake" without stopping

  30. @chloe-wp7tv says:

    Doing this for 14 days and posting the results here for motivation!
    Day 1: sweating and shaking but I did it all without pausing
    Day 2: rest day but not really because i went to the gym
    Day 3: my obliques were so incredibly sore from just day 1 of this. I felt the same doing the workout.
    Day 4: i really did not want to do this at first but this ongoing comment is what made me. Oblique section was not nearly as painful as it has been! I was able to focus more on my breathing this time
    Day 5: rest day because we all need one!
    Day 6: obliques were not nearly the struggle that they had previously been! No pauses or breaks, and i’m not profusely sweating!!
    Day 7: did the workout and all went well! I’m already pretty slim but stomach is looking a bit more defined.
    Day 8: experienced just about no neck pain during this workout for the first time which is a win!
    Day 9: another rest day but also technically not because i went to the gym
    Day 10: period cramps were actually killing me so i skipped today
    Day 11: not doing this for two days really made it a lot more difficult than i thought. I look slimmer than i did 11 days ago though
    Day 12: did not feel like doing this but having done it, it truly was not that bad. if i clench my stomach i can see the abs so that's fun

  31. does anyone have any stretching recommendations? For certain moves, I can’t seem to make my legs fully straight. I think my hamstrings need some good stretching maybe to help with that?

  32. @kloe1585 says:

    My abs were super sore the day after. Felt amazing though!!

  33. you talking helps me take my mind off the pain. thank you


  35. Since 2 years i love your videos. You looks beautiful and i try my best to get more fit. I brook a rip so have to be careful. But what should I say, iam going to be older and my body wants to grows on hip😂 etc, i don't agree with him;) so i try your videos and do my best.

  36. I feel kinda tired i had to pause between exercises to actually do them if you can give me some motivation it would really help!

  37. hic the whole exercise i told Cassie…. this is too much cassie 🙁 but still im doing it. i

  38. So much fun with this kinda w.o💪

  39. Such a great workout. I've done this so many times and each time, soo sooo satisfying. 🤗

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