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9 Best Antioxidant Foods! Red Wine for Anti Aging? Healthy Eating Tips for Weight Loss & Energy

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23 thoughts on “9 Best Antioxidant Foods! Red Wine for Anti Aging? Healthy Eating Tips for Weight Loss & Energy

  1. @psychetruth says:

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  2. Can you do a video on the best way to eat things and which products are better. For example you talk about freeze dried or powdered etc or how do you know if the products are likely to have a higher or lower antioxidant activity

  3. deweras scotch the best

  4. So glad you included matcha in this, drinking my daily cup as we speak 🍵

  5. I love these videos and just emailed you something. Thank you for your information, its very helpful.

  6. I know 2 alacholics who drink just red wine. One is in there late 80's.
    The other in late 70's.
    And they still are moving around more than most people in there late 50's.

  7. @Footender says:

    Such a clear and concise video! Great work here!

  8. I am a caregiver specializing in the care and life longevity for patients suffering from Parkinism diseases. In my line of work thickening water to help with swallowing is helpful when a person is having a hard time swallowing. So my question is … when you are talking about being careful consuming juice, if I made at home a pot of Jamiaca and sweetened it myself. I could add other sweeter berries and honey to flavor it, would that be okay? And how much "sweetner" is too much?

  9. Want kiss from. You rich in antioxidants

  10. Deviated nasal septum

  11. Does antioxidants fight against bacterial infections? ?…like boils?

  12. @canthide207 says:

    I want to devour every thing on that table…

  13. Subscribed, very well presented video👍

  14. @jugnu361 says:

    salenium zinc vitamin C E

  15. @AB-ee5tb says:

    This was THE most annoying video I’ve ever suffered through

  16. @carliotu says:

    Look at ur face and u are talking about antioxidants

  17. @feefees9796 says:

    I need a grocery list. Please lol 😁

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