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*FOR VEGANS ONLY* #veganfood #foodlist #weightloss #fitness #workout

46 thoughts on “*FOR VEGANS ONLY* #veganfood #foodlist #weightloss #fitness #workout

  1. @MuktiGautam says:

    Well this video is not to Promote Vegan Lifestyle BUT for those people who are choosing to be vegan and want to learn the alternatives.
    Veganism aims to reduce animal suffering and advocate for a more compassionate world by avoiding products made from animals. As such, it can be both a food and lifestyle choice. A vegan diet is made up of plant-based food options that replace products like meat, eggs, and cheese.

  2. @aashu46123 says:

    Ok I got it that u can't afford to be vegan now but atleast don't critisize she knows the pain of animals and truth behind the dairy industry thats why she is promoting veganism

  3. Tofu and Mushroom tastes shit … I will stick to Panner

  4. Pathetic choice of food.

  5. Illiterate ppl crying for ghee….bhai nahi maroge tum nahi khaoge to pr gaay ko roz mara jara tumahre essential k liye…Indian past se relate krne wle anpado ko Bata du times have changed cows were treated as mother back then now it's only a milking machine

  6. Please suggest what to do for stubborn love handles

  7. Sugar vegan nai h?💀

  8. "Discovering vegan food alternatives has been a game-changer for me! 🌱💚 This video is a fantastic guide to exploring the wide array of delicious plant-based options out there. Whether it's plant-based meat substitutes, dairy-free alternatives, or creative ways to incorporate more veggies, it's awesome to see how diverse and satisfying vegan eating can be.

  9. Ghee ke badle oil khayegi kya😂😂

  10. what is "vegan food alternative" are you saying that instead of this vegan food you can eat this food like instead of soya milk you can drink cow's milk ?

  11. Accha matlab Jo pahele se doodh ghee khate aaye he wo sab log pagal he kya kuch bhi

  12. मी शेतकरी आहे आमच्या पोटावर पाय देऊ नका

  13. Vegan drama is getting too much…. how many bees get killed to get almonds, what amount of water is consumed for producing 100grams almonds? The synthetic clothes, cosmetics….. people leave all that but have issues with ghee!😂

  14. @Hellboyyyyy says:

    Right side is absolutely fantastic, you actually reversed it

  15. @Utt05 says:

    Khana ye naach krte krte khana hai kya? Ya baith ke kha le 👎

  16. Ye vegan ki backchodi krni kise h apni chutiya buddi apne pass rkh

  17. You are unaware or influence badly

  18. Indians replacing ghee, while the west is finally realising it's worth. And somehow all vegan items cost way more

  19. Sidhe hi bata deti itna thumka lagane ki kya zarurat hai dance dikhana tha ya khaana

  20. For this we have to be rich

  21. @abra3647 says:

    Isi Excitment se EID ke din 10crore Bakri 10 lakh Cows buffalo Kate Jane par bhi Video banao itni vegan hai toh..

  22. @abra3647 says:

    ladki ANGREZI BACKCHODI kar rahi hai….

  23. @swiftiessss says:

    Moneyyyyy😅😅😅 chahiye behnaa😅😅

  24. @aksht9781 says:

    Naach kahe rahi ho??

  25. @youkaia06 says:

    Uh… maple syrup has sugar in it, and jaggery & sugar come from the same plant.. so how is it vegan/not vegan?

  26. Veganism is only expensive if you look at expensive food or mest alternatives.

    Dosa , , rice , dal , roti , chole , rajma , any type of vegetable, aloo , etc etc

    Drink options
    Almond milk , shikanji , jaljeera , rasna , gulcon D , black coffee etc etc

  27. @floor4714 says:

    Happy vegetarian ,dont want to be vegan

  28. @popye663 says:

    didi iskeliye naachana jaroori tha kya?

  29. Jaggery is my favorite food

  30. we are actually in kalyug when i saw she also has 1 million subscribers with unnecessary false videos

  31. @kjsk9510 says:

    Why the dance?? 😂😂

  32. chutiye didi ko price comparison karna nei aata

  33. @kaltla says:

    Thanks mam 💖 proud to be #vegan save animals save earth

  34. पनीर दूध देशी ghee खाने वाले की उम्र 80 से 100 साल ये सब खाने वालों की उम्र 60 साल कौन बेहतर है स्वयं विचार कीजिए

  35. That choice is BS. Cheeh !

  36. Paisa iska baap day ga

  37. @nishh._xo says:

    Why hurt plants?? Don’t they have life? Don’t they breather? don’t they get hurt? I will suggest to eat air and soil as much as possible please stop hurting plants and animals 🙏🏻

  38. My grandfather ate ghee and organic veg food and lived till 94. It’s the western diet we must change it’s not healthy

  39. She will give money for almond milk and other vegan milk

  40. But these alternatives don't give the actual taste of original product.

  41. Aise hi bta deti behn mujraaa krna jaruri thaa

  42. Go Vegan to save animals….

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