Recreational Marijuana

Business booming for Phoenix-area dispensaries selling recreational marijuana. Now cannabis

As customers line up to buy the now-legal rerceational marijuana, cannabis cultivation companies work to keep up with demand.

9 thoughts on “Business booming for Phoenix-area dispensaries selling recreational marijuana. Now cannabis

  1. @n00n1n says:

    Smoke weed everyday. Eat edibles all day. Yummy yummy beef and broccoli prices gotta be slyrocketing

  2. @jp7489 says:

    Stoned is the way of the 🚢🚢🚢

  3. Captain obvious. πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

  4. Oasis Cannabis | Glendale 6676 W Bell Rd, Glendale, AZ 85308 so today I received a text from this dispensary that their Cresco products were on BOGO so I decide to place an order when i got there they wouldn't honor the offer the manager was rude and not understanding when THE TEXT I RECEIVED STATED verbatim

    BOGO Cresco!

    Available for DELIVERY at ALL Oasis Dispensary locations!

    Order NOW on SUPURB!

    Reply STOP to stop

    so I go there and they tell me it's for only concentrates but it doesn't state that anywhere in text so i drove from mesa to here and phoenix just to be told no and they were clear on text AVOID THIS PLAY ID YOU DONT WANNA DRIVE ACROSS TOWN AND WAIST YOUR GAS AND DEAL WITH SOME UNREASONABLE MANGER

  5. Well the state will be having a lot funds with all the dui/wui driving under the influence of weed

  6. +14695264023We just order some good shit from this plug recommended to by a friend. It was delivered at my door step

  7. @epramos6800 says:

    A beautiful thing…

  8. Grow your own. Dispensaries are onr reason that ppl should not use weed. Thy r buzzards. Dont go down there…like dam simp

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