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Easy Marry Me Chicken Recipe! Worlds Best | MUST TRY!

This is seriously one of the best chicken dishes I have ever cooked in my entire life! If you have not tried marry me chicken yet you …

41 thoughts on “Easy Marry Me Chicken Recipe! Worlds Best | MUST TRY!

  1. @kalice5147 says:

    This was a huge hit with the family. My daughter said it was the best meal I had ever cooked. Thank You Dave!! Next time I will double the sauce. I also added the fresh basil directly to the sauce towards the end.

  2. I love your top and this dish looks amazing thank you for sharing

  3. @kimwiser445 says:

    I made this today using Sam The Cooking Guy’s recipe. He added pancetta. Just another way.

  4. Butter burns but added to the oil you still get the flavor of butter

  5. I’m late, but, the chicken will expand when in pan, that’s why it looks bigger than size recommended. Also, the reason why people are starting to not like tomatoes could be, it’s a lectin and can cause leaky gut.

  6. Just made and ate it. Delicious, thank you!!!👍👍👍✌️

  7. @lynniec says:

    Tongs to turn meat, when you use a fork the juices escape and make the meat dry.

  8. He said “Google,” I said “NfW.”

  9. @brenda0823_ says:

    Season to taste means after you have followed the recipe you taste it then adjust seasonings to your taste.

  10. YOU ACTUALLY made smothered chicken with noodles.

  11. @myothergem says:

    I rather have rice than spaghetti with that

  12. Love your energy! Normally I skip on long videos, I just want the recipe and a quick demo, but I watched your whole video and enjoyed it! And the chicken was DELICIOUS! So kudos to you🎉🎉🎉

  13. @btsmith4879 says:

    A lot like Tuscan chicken.

  14. You should always pound out the chicken anyway. You don't have to pound it down to a quarter, but you could pound it and tenderize it. You will be happy.

  15. @Cuke-yx5td says:

    Where’s the recipe?

  16. @triplefoam says:

    Enjoy your videos… TY. You add olive oli to butter to get the flavor of cooking with butter, but the oil raises the temp in which the milk solids in the butter will burn. So basically, the oil keeps the butter from burning as easily when frying. One more thing, I know a vent hood fan is bad for recording videos, but the steam from the boiling of liquids on the stove will destory the electronics in the microwave above the stove before you know it! Enjoy you Holidays and look forward to another video soon!

  17. When I don’t care for an ingredient, like sun dried tomatoes, I liquify them with my emersion blender. With me, it’s not flavors I can’t handle, it’s textures and biting into big chunks of onion or garlic, 😖

  18. It’s not a typo. Chicken puffs up when you cook it. 1/4 inch is raw.

  19. Never set chicken packages on your cutting board. That package has picked up so much dirt and bacteria from being on shelves, supermarket check out areas etc. if you’re cooking for anyone with food allergies especially be mindful what you’re transferring to your cutting boards.

  20. Not giant. It’s called horizontal genius

  21. Can you send us the actual recipe here? Thanks.

  22. Hi, You are so refreshing!!😋, I am writing you about a year after you made this video, and lots of outages and Prices, Anyway, I like the way you are and I am making this tonight. Stay Real Dave 😘

  23. I love the disclaimer about not being a professional chef. This is what people need anyway, the majority of them aren't either and over complicating it isn't gonna help them. Gotta crawl before you can walk.

  24. What does your A.I. stand for?Are you real?

  25. Is every one just cooking on U Tube now. You want to marry yourself. Creppy

  26. If you like this and enjoy salmon, I have an AMAZING recipe for you. It is esswntially wxactly like this but I also add lemon zest and the basil is julienned and added. It also has chopped grape tomatoes along w the sundried. This looks amazing! Can't wait to try it!

  27. You would definitely marry yourself with that reaction 😂

  28. You need to place a towel under your cutting boards so they don't slide around while you dice and such

    Other wise enjoyed watching you.hope that helps

  29. Where do you have this recipe written?

  30. David this looks delicious yummy😊

  31. Hi David, when I cook chicken cutlets I defrost them a lil then you can cut the breasts as thin or thick as you wish. Much easier😊

  32. Haha! It's more like kill me chicken with all the oil & cream.

  33. Could you use creme fraiche instead if cream?

  34. @pbear7814 says:

    The fat IS great eating…..

  35. @SolWaid1965 says:

    I didn't know what to make for dinner a few weeks ago and found your video. Yum!!! For someone who is not a prof'l cook, you did pretty darn good! It's all about the butter and cream, lol. Good job, loved the humor, too.

  36. I can never find links on my iPad. So many videos say “ I have this in the links below” and there are NO LINKS.

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