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2 ingredients Cookies | Banana Oats Cookies | Healthy Cookies | Easy Recipe | Healthy Recipes

Hey guys, presenting to you this 2 ingredients, easy and healthy recipe of Banana Oats Cookies. it is easy to make and it tastes …

33 thoughts on “2 ingredients Cookies | Banana Oats Cookies | Healthy Cookies | Easy Recipe | Healthy Recipes

  1. It turned out very bad, no taste no sweetness of banana remained. Overall didn't like

  2. Wooouu! Simple recipe.Thanks and be blessed.

  3. How long can this be stored?

  4. Can I use unripe banana to make this cookie?

  5. I had to cook them a little longer- like 39 mins . I used convection bake, maybe that’s why?

  6. @VeganLove1 says:

    choose love, good health, veganism! <3

  7. How many days we can preserve it

  8. i made these with dates and a bit of honey just to make it a bit sweeter and it was great! Plus i didnt need to add the choclate

  9. Thank you! God bless you!!✨ #John3:16 ❤️
    Have you tried baked oats? (W or without egg? If u haven’t please give it a try 🤤. )

  10. How to cook without oven 😢

  11. Can I make this in gas ?

  12. And the expired duration is

  13. Can it be stored for two weeks?

  14. Awesome 🩷 how many days it can be stored ?

  15. Please reveal your face ❤

  16. Hi, does anyone know if i can just microwave it or freeze it?
    Will it still taste good?

  17. @kavya3384 says:

    Oh!!! My mom liked this recipie after I tried it……😄😚

  18. Please share does it turn perfectly without oven/microwave?

  19. Without sugar kya ye tasty hoga 🤔🤔

  20. @ashana8898 says:

    Di what is your age

  21. If I make this in cooker, how much time would it take? Cause I just want to make this masterpiece 😋😋😋😋😋

  22. Wow! Yummy cookies 😋✨ l

  23. YES!.. This is The BEST Way to eat Bananas…..THANKS for this Recipe.

  24. 👌👌wow superb…..
    I try this amazing recipe
    This looks so good…
    Stay connected dear….

  25. Wow so yummy and so hungry 😋😋😋😋

  26. Your recipes are really amazing 😊❤

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