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Tummy Trimmer Exercises | Full Body Home Workout(Biceps,Abs,Back,Legs,Forearms,Shoulders)

tummytrimmer#fullbodyworkout#sixpackabs How to use a tummy trimmer to get a full-body workout without the need for any other …

21 thoughts on “Tummy Trimmer Exercises | Full Body Home Workout(Biceps,Abs,Back,Legs,Forearms,Shoulders)

  1. What is the name of this equipment?

  2. @routhstars says:

    Very useful video. Just what I wanted. Thank you. Liked and subscribed.

  3. Bro can we do this all exercises as daily bases?

  4. जय श्री कृष्णा 🙏

  5. Thank you for showing me all your exercise moves. I'll do this every day.

  6. Rest time between rep ????

  7. wow this video is just amazing. Never thought tummy trimmer would be this useful!!! So happy that I just bought one to exercise at home! And it's REALLY NOT as easy as it looks on you! Feels so heavy for me 😂😂😂

  8. @SM-tq7kn says:

    Thank you for sharing the exercises. I have just ordered the tummy trimmer online and started the routine with your exercise video.

  9. Can a woman do these exercises? Age 21

  10. In germany we say
    Du ehrenmann💪🏽❤️

  11. I just got one and was looking for all the things i can do with it. Theres a lot more than i thought of in this one video. Thank you so much!

  12. The rubber one good or spring for house wife?

  13. @sghosh6588 says:

    How many times use this exercise

  14. Good exercise , thank you so much .I hope I will have a tummy like yours, ie no tummy

  15. Dia 1 empiezo el 17 de jul 2023 veamos que sucede en diez dias

  16. Use full he v ki nhi

  17. @aksingh73 says:

    If you can rearrange the exercises based on position they are done in such as lying on back, standing up and sitting on bench/ chair, it will become more convenient to do the set.

  18. sit ups i just can't do, because of my 3 c-sections

  19. @nishm5757 says:

    जो less costly hai compare to Amazon वो quality कैसी होंगी

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