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Check out this FITNESS SPECIAL video and learn to do perfect CRUNCH only on Mind Body Soul. If you’re looking for a way to …

36 thoughts on “HOW TO DO CRUNCHES | Perfect Crunch FOR BEGINNERS | Best ABS Exercises | FITNESS SPECIAL | WORKOUT

  1. Job IN says:

    bro i am having disc issue, some sort of disc gap, is alright me to do these kinds of exercises

  2. ProYT says:

    Am 13yr old and I have friend who is 14 yrs old, he has a literal bicep vein popping out!!! He also has 6 packs

  3. L says:

    Love this workout!

  4. Alok Sahu says:

    What kind of shoe is that
    What those shoe called

  5. aditidump says:

    Bro I have never come across an Indian fitness YT channel with so much global reach. Major props to you man

  6. Which crunches is best in normal crunches
    Straight leg or bend leg

  7. Just tired of my weight, I feel like ass so hopefully this will help

  8. The breathing pattern is wrong during crunches. While coming up one should breathe out and not breathe in

  9. How your legs are not lifting while doing crunches

  10. King Joker 1 says:

    Before doing the 10th forward crunch I thought it would be really easy to do it but it wasn't.

  11. Gibba says:

    How long should you do abs a week ?

  12. wait is the breathing correct?
    every other tutorial of every exercise its always said to breath out while you exert the muscle and breath in while you move back to neutral

  13. Sandro Adler says:

    So if putting weight on your feet in order to do crunches is bad how can I train myself into not needing something to hold my feet down

  14. You showed the wrong breathing pattern I believe. Its exhale when going up and inhale when coming down.

  15. Clipz says:

    I Eat healthy and i Grow My Ab's by Taking care of my body

  16. BigGrip8 says:

    Crunches didn't do ANYTHING for me

  17. Sonu Kumar says:

    breathe in during lowering down body and exhale while coming up ..wrong info you guys are providing to viewers and i am shocked to see views on this kind of videos providing wrong info to their viewers

  18. I started working out today cause of how insecure i felt and seeing others made me realize i should start shaping up . Wish me luck☕

  19. Sean Brogan says:

    Am I weird for wanting to breath out going up and exhale while going back down?

  20. Vinu Nath says:

    hi. Breathing
    technic you mentioned is incorrect… exhale while coming up inhale while going down

  21. Dragnoft says:

    this homie looks less fit then me except i don't even work out though

  22. PokéTCG says:

    I love your accent 🥰

  23. Noobile says:

    Do not bend your neck forward how bout you?

  24. Reverse crunch feel too weird on ny ass

  25. Me sleeping on bed watching how to do crunches 🙂

  26. I'm 6'5 and weigh well over 340 with a night shift desk job. Since I started I've getting even more of a bubble gut. So I'ma try these to slowly get back into decent shape.

  27. I’ve been looking for an exercise like this thank you man

  28. Thanks for ur advice,
    It is very easy

  29. He says breath in when u come up and breath out when u go down

  30. Is this misleading?

  31. Fuze says:

    I thought you were meant to breathe out whilst doing the "difficult" (idk the word for it) part of an exercise

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