30 Min Full Body HIIT Workout For Fat Burn & Cardio | Burn 500 Calories (No Repeat, No Equipment)

Do this 30 Minute Cardio HIIT workout and burn up to 500 Calories. This Full Body Workout is intense and will get you sweating.

50 thoughts on “30 Min Full Body HIIT Workout For Fat Burn & Cardio | Burn 500 Calories (No Repeat, No Equipment)

  1. FairyMafia says:

    did this in combo with a half-hour treadmill walk, working so hard to lose weight. i wanna lose 7 pounds by my birthday in 3 weeks eeeek

  2. Glenn S says:

    @Nobadaddiction Your box at the end covered her little show for us. Why you so mean?

  3. Lily. says:

    Been losing my shape because I was so busy… Gotta try this one every morning before school 🙂

  4. Nice workout, only burned 161 calories though. That was a little disappointing to me.

  5. Juliana Rico says:

    Sooo intense burnin' cal… I like it. 👌

  6. Aya Ibrahim says:

    Ok i love this workout a lot but theres no need to lie abt the amount of calories burned!!
    I do ut every other day and its great and i havevery high endurance like im a runner so im not doing it half ass im literally putting everything i have into this and it burns a MAXXXXX of 250 if u exhausted yourself

  7. Aya Ibrahim says:

    Ok i love this workout a lot but theres no need to lie abt the amount of calories burned!!

  8. Rekka Gaming says:

    I have not been in shape for years which caused some health issues and knew I had to do something about it. I found your work out and love it from a beginner's pov. The only thing I would change about the vid is to do some stretch excercises or a streatch warning in the beginning of the vid. Half way through I had to stop, pause the vid and stretch out some leg muscles. Great video!

  9. why is the rest time very short? articles I've read said 20 sec exercise and 40 sec rest is better, thoughts?

  10. kt says:

    Shit only made it to ten mins. I'm mom of three under five and 183, forty pounds over weight 😭😭😭😭

  11. fatin amirah says:

    I did this workout for 4x per weeks and i did the Intermitent fasting too ..i lost 4kg for 2 weeks..this workout help me a lot thoo.

  12. That was a great workout. Thank you

  13. Doing this every day to see if there is any results
    Day 1: got all the way through to the end, so proud of myself :))

  14. RIANNA says:

    this workout was mad intense I had to take much longer breaks but i still completed it…for sure gonna be doing this often you can deadass feel the burnnnnn, it's so simple but it isn't for the weak 😩💯, great video

  15. ✧ mel ✧ says:

    Logging my progress bc why not 🙂
    58kg, 150cm -> 55 kg goal weight (for now – baby steps y'all)
    Day 1: Only managed to finish round 1 (⁠╥⁠﹏⁠╥⁠) took a 10 min break in the middle. This was intense

  16. I did your workout for the first time and I am still burning throughout my body…I can feel it even 6hrs later. My face is flushed. Amazing

  17. pangaea ; says:

    so much fun😆 love it!!

  18. Super séance 💪 ! Beaucoup de sourire ça fait grave plaisir 😁 ! Par contre j'ai rien compris au "steps" 😅

  19. 1 year ago I reduced 10 kg in 1 month before i was 90 kg and then i was 80 kg but i disconntinued and i am 90 kg again i am doing exercise to reduce 10 kg again

    Sorry for my english

  20. Uneze Esther says:

    How you just do the power skip then move to the sit ups like nothing happened 😩😩

  21. Its so hard for overweight and bigginer

  22. It’s my firts time doing this workout 🏋🏽‍♀️ and I feel great, I did the full rute, and I’m waiting for repeat again tomorrow.

    I hopefully lose weight doing this and being careful with my diet.

  23. Sana Alabia says:

    omg ……I complete it ….I am so proud of my self 😭😭🤍🤍🤍🤍🤏🤏

  24. who else feels badass doing the punching jabs?

  25. Wilma Lamsao says:

    I finally acheived round 1. But tonight, I'll try to finish the whole workout routine. Wish me luck.

  26. Thank you for your workout. It gave me energy for the day!

  27. Gwyn says:

    Can someone tell me how many calories this one actually burns?

  28. Ramsha Abid says:

    Day 1 done
    Day 2 done
    Day 3 done
    DaY 4 done
    Day 5 done

    Its my favvvv HIIT 😍😍😍 TOO much sweaty

  29. Omg I feel sick, dying even with 5 months in the gym bodybuilding that's intense 🥵🥵🥵

  30. Moez Adamjee says:

    Thanks, both for an excellent and intense workout. Much respect for you both!!

  31. oof! The end killed me haha! But I've been starting to feel stagnant in my progress, and I decided to step out of my comfort zone of low impact and shorter workouts. So glad I did! This workout gave me the sweat I needed, and now i'm going sleep some nice long hours 😀

  32. Good pace. Need more upper body.

  33. How many days you should take rest days per week when doing this workout to build muscles?

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  35. krazzysu says:

    Height* not "hight"

  36. Really burn 500kcal?

  37. Able to do 10mins but did it great

  38. Thanks for exercise. Can I loss weight of pcos.

  39. aku suka sama gerakan yang simpel dan sangat membantu membakar lemak

  40. Ali Tuna says:

    starting 18.1.2023 88 kg

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