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Doctor helps Utahns get medical marijuana cards

Roughly 35000 Utahns are legally able to purchase medical marijuana and cannabis products thanks to a proposition voted on …

20 thoughts on “Doctor helps Utahns get medical marijuana cards

  1. Graph Flicks says:

    The illuminati aliens (Satan and the other 1/3 of Angel's that were casted out of Heaven) don't want Humans smoking marijuana. They would much rather us taking oxycontin, adderall and drinking alcohol.

  2. Anything is better than lame laws in texas😩 go Utah

  3. Moose Wayne says:

    legal illegal whatever nerds

  4. 29Lanakila says:

    is it true if you get this card you can no longer purchase a firearm because this is still considered a controlled substance or something to that effect?

  5. Alex Hardy says:

    The first amendment is the only card anyone needs

  6. There are many doctors in Utah that will help a patient get their medical mj card.

  7. Sixty percent of those suffering from epileptic seizures respond to cannabis, often no relief is available from big pharma.

  8. Still against federal law, let pilots and truck drivers smoke it.

  9. Mandible Fox says:

    He is a PA. Not a doctor. He didn’t attend medical school he attended the Utah Physician Assistant Program (UPAP).

  10. nate brun says:

    In my opinion everything about medical cannabis in Utah is a scam. they scam you for a lot of money to get the card they scam you for a lot of money to keep the card going and the medicine itself is very overpriced.I was not taken seriously at all I went into a clinic they basically were like you want to get high great give me your $$$. Then when everything is set up and you can actually go to the dispensaries to purchase your medicine, you soon come to find out how incredibly overpriced it is. A half ounce of marijuana at the dispensary cost a minimum of $160. If you use only a gram a day that only last 14 days. It’s not hard math to figure out that most people would not be able to afford this as a medical option. It’s sad to see that we finally opened up organic plant medicine for Utah residences, But for some reason they have made it a get rich program for new businesses and pricing it so only a price that certain classes would be able to use this organic medicine in their every day life. The system should be run more like the plant is grown. Organic and with love Not made for greed of money. We can do better Utah✌️

  11. Please help out Ohioans!!

  12. Spock Spock says:

    Free the weed behind the Zion Curtain. Too many yoo-bangies getting popped driving back through I-dunno with the goods. Think of all the good wifes stuck with chemical pro-gack, wllbuttrin and smack who could just be nibblin’ their cares away with a legal 5mg gummy. As soon as the latter day crutch can make some dough on it mebbe? I can see trademarked Woodruff Weed, Grand County Redrock Buds, Beaver Dank, Le-high Kind, Low-Price Highs, Murray…. well, nothing cool ever happened in Murray.. dispensaries all across the WF.

  13. Tom Baja says:

    Pain pills are just rich folks heroin. Imagine if we taxed diabetes medicine. Just say no to pot tax.

  14. Daniel Ross says:

    Doctors and politicians playing God. What f**** year is this ??? let people smoke their weed already

  15. bogey19018 says:

    The title should read doctor helps utahns lose their firearms rights.

  16. It's good for you. Better than single malt. And if you can't get it in Utah, you can always go to Chronic Therapy in Cortez.

  17. Let's remember people. it is medicine. Alcohol however is not. I'm looking at you LDS.

  18. J C says:

    Good for you…TAH. BAD 4 farm-ah. Ever wonder why it was demonized to begin with? Now you know. Unfortunately, farm-ah has inserted themselves into the industry bigtime. That's about gr$$d. Do everything you can to keep it small scale now. Industrializing everything is the precise moment it all goes to pot. (Pun also intended) Hopefully my state will find a responsible way to help people curb their suffering very soon. It's been 90 years that the lies have been sold, I think it's time for that to end. Don't you too? We've all been severely affected by their plot to peddle very dangerous poisons. That needs to change. Chronic pain is life altering. 50000 deaths for one, none from the other. Untold # of lives ruined. Wake up people. I qualify all above statements as purely my opinion. Please form your own.

  19. Hemp was vilified courtesy of the paper industry, but the marijuana today isn't like what the hippies had in the 60's. If you suffer from severe malnourishment, THC can cause serious adverse effects, so just be careful. BTW, if people cooked their food in butter/lard again instead of toxic industrialized seed oils, the CBD oil industry would collapse. I'd rather my body produce cannabinoids naturally, but some people need their anxiety to maintain some sort of victim-status. Weird times we're in.

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