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20 min STANDING DUMBBELL WORKOUT | Sculpt and Strengthen | Full Body | No Repeats

Join me for a 20 minute STANDING DUMBBELL WORKOUT to sculpt and strengthen your whole body. All you need is a medium …

35 thoughts on “20 min STANDING DUMBBELL WORKOUT | Sculpt and Strengthen | Full Body | No Repeats

  1. loved it. concise and effective and the breathing queues were awesome. Thank you

  2. Cassondra D says:

    What a Lovely early morning stretch-workout. thank you

  3. #Mowrya says:

    Hi 👋👋… I have started using your videos … Am a bit on heavier side… Unable to do lunges … Squats am managing… Will get used to it I guess…. Started with light dumbbells… Will build my strength… Thanks so much for your videos ❤❤❤

  4. Amazing! I’ve seen results in less than a week! I’m on weeks 4 and still going strong!

  5. This is a great set of workouts. Absolutely loved the moves. 20 minutes passed like that…Thank you.

  6. Maggie says:

    Oh My God!! I am a judo athlete and these days Im in holiday. I wasnt able to find a workout that could keep me up. Thank you for this masterpiece!

  7. Done again! Love it.

  8. I’ve been doing your videos for about 6 weeks now and this one was the sweatiest I’ve gotten doing one. Awesome workout, loved it!

  9. Lisa Jakober says:

    This was an awesome workout. Not too fast that I was tripping over myself. Perfect

  10. Awesome workout! Thank you!

  11. Great Job! Yes sweaty I did! Make more because Im loving these 20 min ones with weights.

  12. Maria Perez says:

    Amazing!! Easy to follow.

  13. langgalyn says:

    Broke a sweat on a 20min work out…

  14. I love your workout!!! Very challenging but I was able to keep up with 5lb weights- I'm 71 and need to move & sweat!! Thank you!!!!

  15. I have done 3 of your dumbbell workouts and really enjoy them, I am going to be 55 and not as fit as you, but was able to complete this with a lower weight, I have a previous ankle fx, so lunges are a challenge.. Thank you so much 😊

  16. This is an INCREDIBLE workout. Only 12 minutes in and I FEEEEEL the burn. LOVING it. I started with 5's and found I needed to stop for a bit. Might go back down to 3's and work UP to 5's. 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 Thank you so much for this 20-minute full body.

  17. Ariana Rios says:

    so i've tried beachbody and i have the nonstop talking and coaching but for my first youtube workout bc i was feeling bored of my own workouts.. lemme tell you I fell in love. your voice is very subtle and calm which i loveeed. I will be back tomorrow for another 🙂

  18. Amrita Gill says:

    Awesome combo moves!!!

  19. W says:

    Gerakannya gampang diikutin buat pemula & kringetan. Mksh Elaine

  20. W says:

    I just found this video and did the workout. Wow, amazing. Very easy to follow even for an obese person like me. Not boring at all. Thank you. I subscribe your channel directly and will continue to do your workouts.

  21. Fluffy Pablo says:

    Love this workout! Only 20 min but you feel the burn

  22. Mapuana says:

    Thank you! 3/14/23

  23. SenorJapones says:

    10 minutes, I already sweat a lot. Seems works very well

  24. I really loved it! Thank you mik 🥰

  25. Milan Kaur says:

    After trying a lot of workout videos, I've finally found ones that are perfect for me! Short, very effective, with just enough directions and breaks for me to keep going to the end! Thank you!

  26. T Hart says:

    Really enjoy these workouts, and bonus, this 65 yo can do them!

  27. cherryberry says:

    out of all the strength/ dumbbell training i’ve done this is the only one that gave me results, I’m truly thankful for you

  28. Orna Mamman says:


  29. Even with 5lb weights I did. Thanks so much!

  30. Sophia Koul says:

    That was a great. Im subscribing 🙂

  31. Another good one! 💦🏋🏾‍♀️

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