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Fun, low impact workout for TOTAL beginners

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45 thoughts on “Fun, low impact workout for TOTAL beginners

  1. Uuuuhhh,how nice 😍😍😍

  2. Mateo says:

    7 ads in the middle of the workout is a drag….Never had this many ads when I started with this video in 2020.

  3. This is my favorite workout to start my day – since January 3, 2023! Movement IS a privilege! And your encouragement is a huge boost – as I continue to modify – but keep moving for the entire session! I was in physical therapy for 6 months post-car accident, made progress, but then hit a plateau in December 2022…cried in discouragement after every measuring session showed no change or a decline…NO MORE! Now, I smile and clap when "we" all celebrate exercising together! Thanks, Daniel, Lisa, & Natasha!

  4. Marissa says:

    Getting back into daily exercise after months of recovering from a foot injury. I didn’t stick to the seated workouts while recovering; however, I know I need to take better care of my body

  5. Michelle F says:

    Je viens de faire le 1er entraînement et je vais faire celui ci cette après midi,, je suis retraitée de 65 ans,, je suis française et diabétique,, merci à vous pour ces 2 vidéos ❤️

  6. Spock says:

    Today is my first day of getting in shape and you make me feel like I want to return and keep going very motivational when I finished I cried because I felt like a champion I felt like I was awarded with the best honorable trophy

  7. Such a fun workout for the days when I have snowed in and can't go to the gym! Thank you! Your commentary is very motivating! Glad I found your channel today!

  8. ROIDO says:

    These low impact are so Amazing. I remember loosing so much weight when I started working Construction. Working muscles I never knew existed and drenched in sweat. These movements mimc that. I didn't know just by moving different parts of the body in many ways would be so effective. I thought I had to stick with just jogging.

    Bless you Guys. Peace!

  9. Weasel Meats says:

    Does this count as low intense exercise?

  10. This is my favourite workout, I’m 20 stone and just getting my fitness up, I’ve been housebound pretty much for 3 years..I can complete it all the way through without much resting. I’m on my 4th consecutive day now. I’ve tried a couple of other beginner ones from this channel and I’m not quite ready. I’m thankful this is here. And the positive attitude of the coach is so encouraging

  11. HUGHESSSSSM says:

    Thanks once again for helping with my fitness

  12. I haven't been able to move, from excess weight and weight of emotions in 2 years. This is my first workout in a long time, and it felt good doing it. Great coaching and support! Really genuine, I felt it. Thank you, Lebanon here… 💞

  13. You are amazing! Thank you very much for the motivation and sweat!!!

  14. Thank you for the video and encouragement!

  15. Jill Stover says:

    I like your info! And lesson👌🏻💯

  16. Sandra I says:

    Thank you so much for this excellent workout. great positive yet firm attitude.

  17. Mzak 123 says:

    God bless you 🙏🏻🥰💪🏼

  18. I love the workouts because they trully are low impact but you could add some technical comments eg. While streching… and avout strechibg after, i think it is not enough considering most of the people doing your workouts are heavily overweight or have not bee working outat all and thus their muscles and joints are extremely tight and definitely need more stretching after

  19. I love this guy's non judgemental attitude. Very encouraging. Thankyou.

  20. Thank u as sweating 😓😅😅😅
    U always makes me feel so good 😊
    Done this 2 times and it really helps me a lot
    Thank u guys
    We love u all

  21. Extraordinary… So much positive energy. I am a very much sedentary person… Almost lost hope on myself. Loved it.

  22. Aura Arzadon says:

    Can you do the low impact exercises that are arthritis friendly?

  23. Verper says:

    29 november 2022 -> 79.5 kg
    Height : 163 cm

  24. Tinydancer says:

    Good workout ruined by adverts

  25. Sergio says:

    Today was my first work out and finished the exercise with out pause and i felt really good. I'm at 440lb and my goal is 250lb. Thank you for ur great videos the only thing bad is the Ad's.

  26. sherri163 says:

    Probably one of the most motivating trainers I have ever come across🙏🏻🤩🤩🥳

  27. Neelam Jain says:

    Started this workout with high levels of sugars… completed 15 days and my sugar is under pre- diabetic range…my doc says she's happy with the progress I made in a month with my sugar levels…thank you for encouragement

    .that's brings me everytime here

  28. Mary Hicks says:

    I almost made it all the way through with out a break and only skipped 1. This was my day 3 and I made it to the end!

  29. tthank you for motivating me

  30. I just completed this and I almost got emotional! I am a young former athlete who hurt my back and in turn put me in horrible shape physically and mentally. This is the first workout I’ve been able to finish in a long time! The low impact was easy on my spine and I was still able to break a sweat. THANK YOU!

  31. how many calories do you lose with this workout?

  32. Dorothy says:

    This workout had so many ads, it was frustrating trying to do it!

  33. Daniel m says:

    This video doesn't help when fast food commercials play right in the middle of the workout.

  34. Thank you for these exercises. Good to do after a bike accident. I have to start all over again but it works well. 👌😉

  35. I am 81 years old I really enjoy this workout Thank-you

  36. Bthe Church says:

    Thank you for this! I'm beginning again and glad this video is leading my way.

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