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4 Easy & Healthy Recipes by Chinese Masterchef • Taste Show

Stay healthy with these Immune-Boosting Recipes. Chef John shares four simple soups and tea recipes that can easily be …

30 thoughts on “4 Easy & Healthy Recipes by Chinese Masterchef • Taste Show

  1. Nhom 76 says:


  2. Shaad Ahmed says:

    Nice chef ❤️🇨🇳❤️

  3. Kuen Ho says:


  4. Junaid Meem says:

    Im impressed ur all vedios..
    From bangladesh..

  5. I loce chinise foods more i learned. for 15 years,watching hongkong .

  6. Way of prasentation is sooo good ☺️and recipes also soo delicious 😊

  7. Long Her says:

    Camera man: How zoomed in do you want your shots?
    Chef John: Yes

  8. Hans Meiser says:

    Old cameraman better

  9. Wheres The Seasoning?
    Where is MSG?
    Somebody Mention Uncle Roger Here🙂

  10. ralph lauren says:


  11. yushi911 says:

    I wish it is easy as it was show to cut the squash …my cut will definitely not be even like that.

  12. Chef John you're a mind blower.

  13. Diane Moril says:

    my favorite part of the video! "hi I am chef john!" Idk why I love so much his salutations!

  14. 👍👏👏😋🇧🇬

  15. Great recipes. Your video presentation, music is superb. its a joy to watch your videos.

  16. Too slow and too close, it make the video look unreal

  17. 廖芝翎 says:

    Hello, I like pumpkin Chinese herbal soup, but my brother is a vegetarian. Can you teach vegetarian pumpkin soup? thank you very much

  18. kizzah💋 says:

    Nutrional videos!love this!..more long soup

  19. John Rozario says:

    🙏chef wonderful 🙏

  20. I am sorry if my last comment was mean. I deleted it because I only want to say nice things to you because I love your recipes and your cooking channel. Thank you for teaching us how to cook many different meals!
    Your friend,

  21. hello you know recipes bao sweeten

  22. Liam Bens says:

    Thank you very much its such a pleasure to see your knowledge un that Kind of recepie 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  23. That was a strange video. Stick to cooking.

  24. Nian Jeh says:

    Sup ayam utuh i like it

  25. Always a pleasure watching chef John 👏👏👏👌👌👌

  26. Sonia Delly says:


  27. This isn't just cooking it' s medicine. I feel the healing just watching the video!

  28. Tobey gaming says:

    I love china food so much 🥰

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