Buffalo Chicken Pinwheels — Appetizers on the Pit Boss Griddle

These buffalo chicken pinwheels are easy appetizers to make on the griddle! Made with shredded rotisserie chicken, cream …

47 thoughts on “Buffalo Chicken Pinwheels — Appetizers on the Pit Boss Griddle

  1. Preacher 113 says:

    Man I just wish I woulda wrote down got on video something some of the things I've created in the past lol make it up try it out sounds good looked good on the thumbnail and I'm sure it is but yeah… lol

  2. Matt N says:

    You just got a new subscriber! I just got done assembling my new Pit Boss 3 Burner and can’t wait to give it a whirl. Thanks for the great videos. You guys make a great team.

  3. AJM2 says:

    "Hey you! Yeah, YOU! Do you like buffalo chicken wraps? Do you like sushi rolls? Do you ALSO need an excuse to fire up your flat grill???"

  4. Awesome as always. Wish you were my neighbor so I could smell what you are cooking.

  5. Fred Sturza says:

    I'd love to watch your guests reactions to this

  6. Bobbi Bowes says:

    That was definitely out of the park. I can't wait to make them. Awesome recipe.

  7. Mark Fullen says:

    Looks amazing, except for the ranch…. Your so excited Neil!

  8. I'm going to cook mine on the pellet grill 😋 🤪

  9. Straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Brotha!! Nice appetizer on the fly. You already know 🫵🏻😉👌!! Cheers y’all 👊🏼😎🤙🏼

  10. Jake Spencer says:

    Dude.. That looks awesome and I will definitely cook that when LSU plays y’all next month!! Geaux Tigers!!

  11. Dammit shipmate, we're gonna have to stop watching because my wife keeps making my list longer of what to griddle after we watch you. This looks amazing. Carry on!

  12. Not bad for a Tennessee fan…. Lol 😂

  13. Tim Riley says:

    Hey you helped your Vols beat Pitt with these, congrats on a double winner. I can’t wait to try ‘em, maybe they’ll help my Bad Badgers.

  14. Rob Wilkie says:

    I have to give these a try. Awesome recipe. Great job on them!

  15. Rob Morris says:

    Can't wait to try these. Thanks for listening about a buffalo chicken recipe. Appreciate ya'll!

  16. LOL I till gate every time I drive. But it takes a lot of concentration in focus. Is there any moment the guy in front of you might break check you. But I don't see how you guys tell gate and cook at the same time. LOL

  17. J Koptie says:

    As a Canadian I’m going to help you be the only American south of New York State that can say Worcestershire properly. Wuhsta-shure. The “wuh” is pronounced like wood, and the shure like halfway between sheer and sure.

  18. Looks good. I wonder if it would work with shrimp. Hmmm…

  19. ALAN S says:

    I should have waited to make my first comment but see, you could have smoked the chicken and the cheese. As soon as you flipped that first one I was "oh ya"

  20. ALAN S says:

    Aw, you missed a perfect opportunity to smoke the chicken on the pellet grill and then make this. I am always rooting for combining the cooking methods.👍

  21. Hey brother in response to your message bout the Aussie burger, so here goes, I make mine with 2 smash patties, caramelised onion, grilled peppers (capsicum in australia ) sometimes grilled pineapple, bacon, pickles, beetroot, sometimes an egg, grilled mushrooms, plus your fav sauce n buns, trust me you’ll love it

  22. Bill Banta says:

    And Tennessee won! Go SEC from a UK fan.

  23. I used to dance under the name "Packed Shredded Chicken".

  24. These look really good, perfect tailgate food. Love me some buffalo sauce. Go Titans!

  25. Jr Cordero says:

    Nice, I think I’ll try these next weekend!

  26. juan andujar says:

    Man an avacado sauce over top or as a dip 🔥

  27. I’d go with Indian Naan bread rather than tortillas.

  28. Since the chicken was cooked already how long did u cook each side for? This was very creative. Nice work

  29. Nice job, I'll be doing that soon. Gotta ask what was on the grill, saw it smoking in the background?

  30. Dumbref says:

    Tried this tonight, you knocked out of the park on this one. I didn’t have the exact seasonings and cheeses but it cooked just as you described.

  31. GREAT IDEA, yepper ,it's a winner right here. This is a super recipe for any type of gathering and it gives you soooo many ideas to spring from the basic recipe. Well done, and it is better than the shotgun shells. Diggin the recipe out right now!!

  32. BAT 13 says:

    These are a definite try for football season Neil! Great cook , Even though you beat my Panthers lol. Cheers 🍻

  33. James Elkins says:

    Go Vols big win last night!!!

  34. Dee Derp says:

    Those looked fantastic!!!!!! I`ll surely be making these, just with alot less heat! Thank you guys!

  35. Rob lavazza says:

    This one looks like I’m gonna try it this week! I tried the the Ruben burger with success, the family loved it!

  36. Paul Psathas says:

    Killed it again bro!!! And I'm from Buffalo so this one is right up my alley!! Bravo!!

  37. jay roser says:

    You never cease to amaze me King 🤴

  38. Maybe some blue chesse crumbles added with other cheeses?

  39. Instead of Frank's thick just heat up the regular franks add cornstarch to a half a cup of regular franks and add it to the pot to thicken or blend in some xanthan gum.

  40. Steve knight says:

    I am thinking I would have cooked them while they were rolled up and then cut them. Looks good and can't wait to try.

  41. Tim D says:

    Ohhhh my, Looks amazing . YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME. Watched the video to late for pregame today but Ill celebrate my KC Chiefs win tonight with a batch of these. Can hardly wait .

  42. I have to admit, those pinwheels look absolutely awesome!! I'm definitely going to try these out!

  43. Brian Cline says:

    It would be a treat to eat your cooking!! Im doing this one

  44. Bobbi Catton says:

    Great idea that’s infinitely customizable👍😊

  45. Donald Boyle says:

    I do this but wrapped in puffed pastry

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