4 HEALTHY Salad Dressings that will SERIOUSLY Flavor your Salads

EPISODE 688 – How to Make 4 HEALTHY Salad Dressings that will SERIOUSLY Flavor your Salads FULL RECIPE HERE: …

25 thoughts on “4 HEALTHY Salad Dressings that will SERIOUSLY Flavor your Salads

  1. Scott C says:

    Can you provide link to the jars please!?

  2. MinoMin Mina says:

    The dressings are nice so as your voice😊

  3. Absolutely love this! They are sooo good!

  4. Carla Sings says:

    Thank you so much for these amazingly fresh and healthy salad dressings. I was looking for a great recipe and came to you Chef Albert thanks so much!!❤

  5. Sushi says:

    Thank yoooouuu

  6. Rozz Poe says:

    How long would these last in a fridge? A week maybe?

  7. serima scott says:

    What can you substitute for mustard?

  8. His voice is so soothing 😌 👍🏽 new subscriber!!

  9. Sandy Julien says:

    Awesome recipes, so easy ! Thanks a LOT !

  10. PrinceV1BES says:

    This dude would talk me off the ledge

  11. bibimeeuwsen says:

    I make them and all are amazing

  12. bibimeeuwsen says:

    I’am Vilma from Holand and you are great..I Love your recepie!

  13. Awesome! Simple and delicious🌞🙏

  14. Spain has a vast cost recipes

  15. Another hit.Spain is cooking itself

  16. Will Mike says:

    I have been making salad dressings for the past 35 years. I have probably made 75 different ones from all the cookbooks I have bought. This first one is so, so simple and tasty. I did use apple cider vinegar and I was happy with the result. But, how simple and inexpensive this was to make! I plan on making the ranch dressing when I purchase Greek yogurt at the store. It looks so easy to make as well! By the way, two other comments. Gourmet salad dressings at the store cost $5.99 and up for a small bottle…and, they aren't always healthy or tasty. I love the mason jar and will look for one like it to buy.

  17. Fred Chapman says:

    That's it I'm going right out to buy the ingredients. When I'm in Spain the salads are my favourite. Always wondered how they did it. Cheers mate.

  18. These look so yummy and just super easy! I was wondering can you omit the oil when making dressings? I am not a huge fan of oil, but I know it's needed to achieve the perfect result in a lot of dishes. If it is possible, what is used as a replacement, or is it absolutely vital to use oil? Thanks once again for bringing us beautiful, tasty, simple recipes! Cheers

  19. Jim Hatcher says:

    Made the ranch today as I had most of the ingredients on hand and it was fantastic!
    I'll be looking forward to trying the others soon!

  20. Leonard says:

    Hello, cool on the salad special, very nice and tasty dressings indeed. I saw you using apple cider vinagre, i live in spain but i never seem to find that. What is it called in Spanish?

  21. Stuart says:

    wow! been trying a lot of different dressings over the years and none match the quality or taste of these, honey & mustard my favourite! Thank you great videos.

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