Organic Cooking

Cooking local chicken with organic vegetables in the village of Iran!

Village Tale Cooking local chicken with organic vegetables —‐———————————— Hello there to the Village Tale channel, …

28 thoughts on “Cooking local chicken with organic vegetables in the village of Iran!

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  6. Ahmed says:

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  16. Assalamualaikum

    Cooking in smiling face is praiseworthy.
    Bangladeshi brother

  17. Md Kuddus says:

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  18. Masom Ahmed says:

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  19. عبدلله says:

    رغم الثلوج والبرد لكن الدفء يملء المكان

  20. Ravindra Rao says:

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  21. Looks turmeric which is very healthy. All good stuff. Please don’t use aluminum utensils. Not sure which one some of them. Friendly recipe only. Carrots my favorite stuff.celery too. 👍👍🍋🍋🍀☘️🥬🌿

  22. Wow! Great recipe. Chicken too yummy. Young lady very Tarak,hard working. Is it brown rice.? Butter looks grass fed very healthy butter. Very dark yellow. Best one.

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