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8 Weight Loss Tips from a Doctor | WW

There’s a LOT of misinformation about weight loss and wellness out there — from prescriptive ideas about “ideal weights” to fad …

26 thoughts on “8 Weight Loss Tips from a Doctor | WW

  1. iamhida says:

    She’s pretty

  2. besties says:

    I'm going to graduate in a few months and i want to look good in my graduation party dress

  3. M B says:

    Congratulations on your "8 Weight Loss Tips From A Doctor | WW" inspirational thanks for sharing. Dr Parnell. Dr O Neil. Dr Toseland. Dr Bantock. Dr P Astbury. Dr P Walsma. Dr Johnson. Dr RB Chitre. Weight Watchers & Gym. 🥁👏🌹

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  5. i have always love eating and that made me lose weight super hard, tried a lot of diets and exercises along with it, but what made it possible was agoge diet. it changed my life. its always about the right diet for u

  6. I wonder if WW doctors recommend Bariatric surgery..

  7. I knew she wasn’t serious when she said “you shouldn’t feel judged about your weight BY ANYONE”. 🙄

  8. MyMiaMyTia says:

    I had a doctor tell me she was truly surprised because nothing was wrong with me even though I was overweight 😂😂😂 my blood work came back and completely healthy no signs of anything. I'm overweight but I still work out and I try to eat healthy but my weight doesn't go anywhere. The shape of my body might change and I may get muscle but usually I'm just the same. I never get offended when someone calls me fat or anything like that but for you to think I must have health problems because I'm fat it's just crazy. I'm on a journey to maintain where I am and could I stand to lose some pounds yes but if I keep staring at the scale sooner or later I'll just give up. I'm striving to be healthy not to be skinny 😂

  9. a human says:

    Thank you for these tips! I am 5’5 and went from 130 lbs (extreme obesity) to 95.7 lbs!!! I am so happy 😁

  10. DJWOLF LIVE says:

    My wife and I are already started just last week to get 2022 off on the right foot. The smart points plan is easy.

  11. Piyu says:

    I will surely tell my results on 25th March.bcz I want to lose 15kgs, so it will take time 😀😅but you guys can reminding me for results 🙋‍♀💁‍♀

  12. Arun says:

    Our custom meal plan service was designed to help men and women all over the world turn their lives around and take charge of their health and figure.
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  13. look, being overwieght is an issue no matter how much u want to sugar coat it. while we don't want to judge or be judged about our weight, it affects our mental and physical health

  14. Lu Ann Edger says:

    This was wonderful, very well presented

  15. Cheryl Feola says:

    Getting back on track with WW program. This video really motivated me on this Monday to keep on track!!!

  16. SC says:

    She was very helpful and im glad she kept emphasizing the fact that irs not supposed to be all about the scale..(even though ww completely makes you focus on the scale every week and in fact thats what the entire program is truly about if you really think about it)
    Ww trys to have us focus on other things like how we feel,how our clothes fit,etc,but they make us weigh ourselves everywhere and if we're not at out BMi,then we have to pay,which of course makes sense, im not saying ww isn't goid,good, ive been a member for way over 10 years, and have lost weight and even reached my goal and became a lifetime member. But im learning more about how unhealthy it is to rely on what the scale says and most importantly that the Bmi charts are not only inaccurate for many,but outdated.What was a healthy weight for me last year may not be good for me this year.and without a drs notice your not able to change that.I think ww needes to have more videos like this,and truly help everyone focus on thinking about how they actually feel mentally and physically. The community is great and the program with all the recipes and advise is wonderful. I just wish they'd perhaps measure instead of weigh.
    This is just my opinion. Good luck everyone, and be well

  17. Great info… You are a caring doctor

  18. Marie Hannah says:

    Great advice we need to revisit every once in a while. Great 😊

  19. Your first tip is a crock of horse manure. Help teach the patient the difference between scientific facts of why the doc wants to discuss weight and the issues it’s causing and what’s actually self perceived shame. It’s completely unnecessary for anyone to feel shame about their weight, that feeling is their choice. It’s a simple fact; extra weight is unhealthy. This isn’t a feeling it’s a fact. People need to learn there is no need to have a certain feeling about facts. Learn to separate this. It’s really not the doctor’s responsibility to do this, but most people refuse to do this psychological work themselves, or don’t know how or don’t realize this is their choice, and could use assistance.

  20. Maggie Plath says:

    This didn't work for me. Weight Watchers , I miss you.

  21. This was very motivating and helpful to me. Being stuck and really trying, it gave me new hope.

  22. Andrea B says:

    Loved her! Thank you for this video WW!

  23. Very good information!!

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