Workout For Men


Workouts at home now a days are literally a THE BEST! Some people are building home gyms, while others are learning to use …


  1. estorbo1981 says:

    I was gonna go jogging but it started to rain. Thanks Bullyjuice ! 💪🔥

  2. A couple of pro tips:

    – When you wake up from a full nights sleep drink a glass of water immediately.

    – Take a cold shower (as cold as it gets) every morning. **Google the benefits of this, it's incredibly insane. It is life changing.**

  3. I just want to say boys and girls, DONT GIVE UP! The point is to do as much as u can, if u didn’t do the full 30mins its completly okay, the goal is to make the most out of that days workout. If you give your all in you will be stronger every time you do it, and after a workout always go and look in the mirror, and admire the work you’ve done.

  4. Bully Juice tú es inspiração para muita gente.
    Parabenz pelas conquistas.

  5. MusicForAll says:

    Thank you very much for this workout, amazing 💪…Does anyone know approximately how many calories are lost with this workout? And how many times a week should I do this training? Thanks in advance!

  6. As always this was great!!

  7. I just upgraded my workout time today. From full body and upper body 20 minutes to 30 minutes. What I am most pleased about is this one seems to have both full and upper body workouts packed together👍🏾 Thank you! "Keep going"

  8. Anyone know the name of the song that is playing around the 8 min mark on the video?

  9. Nebula says:

    Day 1 morning 15min✅

  10. We appreciate your workouts they are life changing going to use this until I have a perfect body

  11. Seba says:

    You are awesome, thank you.

  12. Gaspar Henry says:

    This workout is tops for people like me who has not worked out in years. I am a Caribbean man in my late 50s, and boy I am so unfit and weak. Got to get back in shape and I will get there using your videos. 👍

  13. Anton Ivanov says:

    Thank you for this Workout

  14. in a pile of sweat rn just shaking in anger i dont have enough strenght to complete alot of these moves properly like pike press and side pushups like i just cant paused the video on exactly 12 minutes and thhe move i have is supermans i have no idea what moron brought this move in its not hard but it feels like nothing either im doing it wrong but i dont walla lie on my floor face down and pulling up like some silly bafoon from the side gonna try again next day and thanks

  15. Jaime says:

    Im trying to lose weight and rn im supposed to i eat at least 2200 a day do i need to burn 500 calories a day to lose about 1lb per week? Also when my weight changes do i need to lower my calorie deficit/protein?

  16. Mandy Curry says:

    I forgot how great this one was

  17. NINJA FF says:

    Is this body bulk workout ?

  18. This workout has everything, by far my favorite…great fit test also

  19. A small guide for all the viewers

    Eat atleast 500 calories less than how u workout.
    Its highly affective.
    There are ton of Apps to calculate the calorie consumption rate and

  20. death wolf says:

    juice you are awesome thanks for getting me outta of the gutter what a chad

  21. ramprat 38 says:

    Thank you BullyJuice!! Found out my wife of 11 years was cheating on me. Devastating of course but I’m using the pain and anger and putting them into these workouts. This will help me heal and if I start losing motivation I know where to find help!! Stay strong Kings, much love from Vancouver Canada.

  22. Ant Cannon says:

    Day 52 / 60. Lets Goooo. Feels good to be back!

  23. I workout in 30 days using this video and my skinny body or muscle turned into bulk body loll thanks a lot

  24. Great Workout ❤❤

  25. sisuull says:

    dont be afraid of the 30min.. its quite makeable

  26. LQ-84i says:

    Thank you for my free work out, even though my legs feel like jelly, and my arms feel like noodles, my body said no but said YES, and if my overweight butt can do this, sure as heck other people can do it to, never give up, believe in yourself, and have a goodnight, goodmorning and a good afternoon.
    Can I get an amen brotha

  27. I did this yesterday (to shock the body) and it WHOOPED MY AZZ but i didn't give up, I'll be doing chest and Abs today!

  28. Coffeemansti says:

    I honestly want to say: THANK YOU for existing. G Bless. 🙏

  29. Jacob Quijas says:

    Hey King, you always have my support. Loved this workout!

  30. Мрми says:

    Great workout, perfect to fit into a tight schedule when you don't have time for a full gym session. Thank you for releasing this, especially without any commentary or unnecessary monologues.

  31. Gaby Ramirez says:

    Any one else doing the 60 day challenge? If you are don’t quit, we’re almost there, keep it up your doing great!

  32. Iris Local says:

    Man after that work out I felt like I was gonna pass out but yet it felt GOOD! I felt like I was a anime character training becoming a warrior. And it also helped me relaxed 😊

  33. R says:

    Thanks man, you helped me so much

  34. Wow! This one is very good.

  35. day 41/42… was trapped out of town thru a snow storm couldnt go home gonna do both yesterday (41) and todays (42) video's

  36. I remember when I got a 8 pack from u bullyjuies

  37. Ant Cannon says:

    Day 41 / 60. Let's Gooo.

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