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Why Asians Are Slimmer (9 Weight Loss Tips) | Joanna Soh

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22 thoughts on “Why Asians Are Slimmer (9 Weight Loss Tips) | Joanna Soh

  1. Namrata says:

    I'm Indian. We don't use chopsticks and we don't know how to use it. What should I do instead of this?

  2. Beth Walters says:

    So….carbs are not an issue??

  3. Volvo 2000 says:

    they drink tea daily to cleans their inside, they eat more vegetables and fruits, the government of china implemented laws to all women should have 25 inches waistline to get hire in jobs, if they never obey the rules they never get a jobs, slim body is now a law in china, thats why they eat portions and measured 1 cup of rice, and a small cup of meat or seafoods, veggies, hot soup and fruits to keep balance and avoid over eating, they, eat 3 times a day only, no snacks, they skip eating around 6-7 pm to easily burn up and they drink tea after eating morning and night before bed to cleans away toxins, they do exercising any like biking, jogging, walking, yoga, dance zumba dance, aerobics or karate martial arts , swimming, gymnastics, ballet, hot water bath to melt body fat, toned and keep body fit, but some rich people drink slimming pills, whitening pills to get slim and flawless

  4. Tudor Miller says:

    IDK. Women from The Philippines are generally chubby compared to Japanese, South Korean women.

  5. plumeria66 says:

    As an East Asian, I eat a variety of foods and do not snack. I drink water when Iโ€™m thirsty. Sugary food is a treat that is once in a while. No caffeine, no alcohol.

  6. I always ask for warm water or tea I get wierd looks occasionally but it helps

  7. We consider our food not as food but medicine… ๐Ÿ‘

  8. MilkByCow says:

    Sheโ€™s not wrong but before you go calling up your local takeout, she says Asians prefer โ€œreal foodโ€.

    This means home cooked food (cooked, not microwaved), never from a restaurant.

  9. Kelly says:

    The main reason is genetics. Just like native Americans and blacks are heavier than whites do to genetics. I'm not downplaying what you guys do proactively. But come on you guys could never be as big as other races as a whole regardless of habits

  10. Canada Crazy says:

    because they don't live like lazy blobs. and the food is real.

  11. M R says:

    I recently went high carb low fat vegan. I am eating so much rice and veggies WITHOUT any oil or fat. I have never felt better and more satiated. I lost weight and my body looks great. I eat my carbs and veggies until I am full, and I take walks. I finally don't have to suck my tummy in – it's almost gone. Now I understand why Asian women stay slim, beautiful and healthy while eating loads of rice..they don't eat a lot of oil, fried and processed foods. Love your video! Thank you.

  12. sama sarmad says:

    thank you this vid helped so much btw we have the same blue chopsticks in the photo!

  13. dcpmootown says:

    thanks great video I'am real real over weight and have decided to eat like our Asian brothers to lose weight the western diet isnt working for me

  14. Thank you so much. We buy and drink lots of tea in my home even my 13 yr, old G, daughter and 12, yr,old neice 3 adults 2 children in my home. Im the eldest. My son,inlaw is the biggest eater. My daughter learn lots of healthy eating from me growing up. And still learning. Doing our best to keep our selves and the rest of the family healthy. ๐Ÿ™

  15. K Kaii says:

    I went to Asia a 2nd time, but for a month, and believe it or not, I lost some weight, I walked the majority of the time, ate healthier smaller portions, also went to the gym there in free time ๐Ÿ˜Š

  16. madi madi says:

    I would love to do all of these but Iโ€™m a minor and my mom works all day. When she gets home, sheโ€™s tired so all we have is McDonalds or processed foodsโ€ฆ

  17. Having to eat quickly is a very frustrating one, I remember being in school and only having about 10 min to eat then you go to work as an adult and it's not much better. Now me as a mom and I don't have any time to do anything ๐Ÿ˜ญ I manage to stay slim but it's still frustrating

  18. Faithy says:

    Video making me wish I lived in Asia I live in America and almost everything is processed besides fruits and veggies

  19. Is it just me that went straight to the comments ๐Ÿ˜‚

  20. Sura Angel says:

    What you're saying makes soo much sense and makes me wonder why it took me so long to realize such simple things T_T

    Thank you for this video!!

  21. I am my self asian (south korean).
    So I am slender .
    All the things you told ate truly good .๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป ๐Ÿ˜Œ
    Asian culture of eating is best .
    My grandmother to told me about truth behind chopsticks .

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