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10 Best Dumbbell Exercises for Building Muscle At Home

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25 thoughts on “10 Best Dumbbell Exercises for Building Muscle At Home

  1. Excelente orientacion

  2. U Bent Eng says:

    Thanks. Even the music is good to exercise on it.

  3. Fares Memes says:

    Are these exercices that we have to practise them every single day for full body , or each exercice has its role on building different parts of muscles

  4. good set of exercises. How many times per week?

  5. Can somebody help me… I have a question! Do you have to do four sets of each of the exercise there? Please help!

  6. kys3866 says:

    Is 60 seconds pause?

  7. M.A. A.A. says:

    Me encantó 👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️

  8. Tomi--83 says:

    Can you please also show a training session that a wheelchair user can also use

  9. shay Bedford says:

    Anyone seen any progress using this

  10. Is it possible all this can do it, on the same day?

  11. For beginners which weight should I start with?

  12. every day u have to do all of them?or u have to focus first to number 1?tnx?

  13. Tomi--83 says:

    can't speak english i translated everything an app you can reach in a wheelchair just as much

  14. All exercise can do everyday? Any body do this please answer me

  15. Finally, I found a video with dumbbells and a high variety of exercises, thank you for making this video😍😃❤️

  16. Sabo gaming says:

    Volleyball exercise

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