Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana and drug tests for work

As Virginia’s marijuana laws loosen, will employers still penalize workers if they use medical cannabis? That’s the issue activists …

9 thoughts on “Medical marijuana and drug tests for work

  1. Raloway says:

    I don’t smoke but I be around people that do but I either leave the room or cover my nose…..would I pass a drug test????

  2. David Perry says:

    If I run my own MEP consulting firm, there will be weed breaks.

  3. Shanta Hsieh says:

    I will use Weedborn CBD products this time 🙂

  4. It's great to see this… I have also treated myself. Weedborn oils have helped me a lot.

  5. ngl drug test me for weed, i’ll proudly fail for sure😊but i won’t back out from having a drug screen, draws less suspicion if you never back out, it’s much easier to be honest, and keep moving straight forward😝😜😁

  6. zip343 says:

    What about people who have a federal license ie: Airline Pilots and Truck Drivers?…

  7. Wanna Wander says:

    It should be uniform laws for all medications!!!💜

  8. Virginia is getting worst with allowing drugs to be legal thing

  9. V THOMAS says:

    DON'T SMOKE DOPE or have it in Your System IF U WORK 4 SOMEONE ELSE Period. It COULD get U FIRED….🤔🙄😳😳🤨🤨😬😬🤪🤪

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