Hemp holds the key to a sustainable future | Amy Ansel | TEDxSeattle

The Hemp plant — marijuana’s sober cousin — is poised to revolutionize industry by taking the place of more toxic materials and …

43 thoughts on “Hemp holds the key to a sustainable future | Amy Ansel | TEDxSeattle

  1. Hemp and marijuana are the same seed and the qualities are different, truthfully

  2. Dennis Folse says:

    The same Corporate Heads at the CFR that told Randolph Hearst to get rid of Hemp because of the decording Machine are the same Tyrants that Created the United Nations and have the Environment guidelines they want to force us to follow! But everything is their fault!

  3. Orphanlast says:

    You know that a worm eats plastic, right? Yeah, the Wax Worm. We need to put a shitload of those in our landfills.

  4. John Hall says:

    Why do we not make …our…government let us grow hemp….they have no problem making us do alot of things….car insurance,,,!just for one…

  5. Gourab Thapa says:

    Hemp is key solution for sustainable environment and we can create many things from hemp but it was done illegal all over the world by foolish people.

  6. half my wardrobe is hemp. i want to build a hempcrete home but that option isnt available yet in my region of the world. but that will not happen in probably 5 or so years so things can change

  7. Girl, you GO! Your talk got me so emotional and excited!

  8. And replenishes the soil

  9. Weed and hemp are normal to my ancestors in america. But like everything we have done it's demonized unless your part of the Christianized nations.

  10. Guys don’t listen to this lady…. Her and her partner/boyfriend are crack heads , I got proof, they steal money from people…. This is a scam

  11. Joe Nave says:

    You lost me at "drownding".

  12. I used the stalks from my plants last year and integrated them into the structure of my greenhouse, currently My plants are 9ft at the ceiling of my greenhouse again! Harvest is a month away, gonna heal a lot of people this coming year, feelin good about it too! Yep, i said heal. A building material that also passes for medicine. Smile, even recreational is medicinal!😊 thank the big green buffalo!

  13. james fiaco says:

    The most advanced ancient Royal elite super superior ancient civilized nations. Made sure all their loyal subjects were able to live and die to the highest standards of quality that were available during that time. and they can do this without anyone overstepping their boundaries. Because the end result of such a lifestyle. Is constant consisting physical mental financial spiritual progress occurring within each and every moment of life. That Level of care to oneself and others results in a truly positive force that is self perpetuating continuously.

  14. Hops and roses are in the same family.

  15. Dave Sparky says:

    There is nothing that CANT be done with this plant..

  16. Sans Mal says:

    Cannabis is real medicine

  17. Sans Mal says:

    The future is Hemp 💚

  18. I was under the impression that Hempcrete was a non-load bearing material suitable for walls? She stated there was a bridge in France made of hempcrete from 17th century?? A bridge would definitly be a load bearing structure.

  19. awe says:

    Who you trying to convince lady? You should be talking to politicians/government. Those piece of shits are the reason why we can't use sustainable ANYTHING

  20. Donald Trump legalized Hemp federally before the left trashed him out of office!

  21. Yes! No joke sustainability 🙏🌱👍

  22. lela moore says:

    hemp bio fuel is the future.

  23. Roses and hops are in the same family as cannabis.

  24. Lavon Paquet says:

    MAKE Growing hemp a global law for the enivornment

  25. Lavon Paquet says:

    Grow hemp everywhere for everything

  26. Kit Somers says:

    The elements…..aether, fire, air, water, soil, rock, sand……hemp is an integrative solution.

  27. We can talk about it. Make it happen!!

  28. Geo P. says:

    All plants are for man to use. The law makers and those who in-force the opinion of the rich need to be put in their cages for miss leading , false educating and incarcerating the people of a so called free country. Cannabis sativa is a good plant!

  29. What are the cons? These are good pros for Hemp but what is the bad side?

  30. jake spivey says:

    Some very eye opening claims. What I wanted mainly to hear was that hemp could replace our source of paper. I would love for us to stop cutting down trees.

  31. Kirsten L says:

    Also need to consider the fact that hemp doesn’t grow all year around so it would require growing enough hemp for a whole year whereas trees can be harvested as you go. There’s a storage issue and a cashflow issue. I fear the only way for hemp to succeed is the outlawing of tree removal.

  32. One thing we can do about the plastic that's already out there is burning in incinerator to create energy or we can turn it into liquid fuel

  33. What a Exciting time too be alive and the answers are with Mother Nature and she is always giving and we take her for granted she does not need too change but we do . And must and will too survive . Hemp To day Yesterday and To morrow .

  34. holmesway says:

    TED talks are inane… I should say, their presentation, rather than the subject..

  35. I’m going to be touring the country in The Veteran’s Green Bus on hemp Biofuels. We are based out of Michigan where we are setting up a US freedom Biofuels processor to produce our fuel for the tours. Our mission is to demonstrate sustainable fuel solutions in disasters for heavy equipment, generators and volunteer transportation. We are going need more fuel than we can produce ourselves so we are building a list of locations to to plan our tours logistics. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  36. Hemp products appear good to use. Thanks Dec3 2021 RPB

  37. The Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance has been working with our members since 2003 to further the industrial hemp industry in Canada. We're looking forward to helping the industry ramp up and gain economies of scale to compete with the existing suppliers of un-sustainable products.

  38. Chris Hemnis says:

    Thanks for reminding us of something we figure out and use for thousands of years. At least until big oil bribed congress to make hemp cannabis illegal and enact prohibition to keep ethanol (lawn clippings) from fueling cars. They made a lot of $ from knowingly making & keeping it illegal. Just think of the lives lost the extorted revenue from fines and property seizures. Hemp was a threat to big oil and the government was bribed to make it illegal.

  39. Bill Gates saw this and is getting ready for the hemp revolution

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