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One-Pot Vegan Dinners

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22 thoughts on “One-Pot Vegan Dinners

  1. Elisabeth B says:

    How do you do ? It looks fantastic, so easy for beginners. THANKS !

  2. priya shah says:

    Hii.. What in lentils have you used in the first recipe?

  3. 00:00 lasagna soup
    00:58 southwestern style quinoa
    01:27 mushroom stroganoff
    02:20 curry noodle soup
    03:20 butternut squash pilaf

  4. KoolDoc says:

    What can I substitute lasagna noodles for? they have too many carbs

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  6. Guys just eat indian food . Its mostly vegan and the most flavourful ❤️

  7. Peak Point says:

    So Beautiful ❤️🥰

  8. Chad Bridges says:

    dont like pasta or tomatoes sorry

  9. Divyaaa says:

    00:50 literally the westernized version of Dal Dhokli lol

  10. Me and my family loved curry soup! Very delicious ❤️

  11. Jive Turkey says:

    Made the Stroganoff with yellow pea fusilli – worked a charm. Added a squeeze of lemon to taste at the end too

  12. Emma A says:

    Reminder that some wine is not vegan… They process it using fish. But carry on. Can't wait to try the stroganoff

  13. Awesome 👌 i will definitely try 👍 😀

  14. Kerna Koni says:

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  15. Veg Spice TV says:

    Yummy Recipes!
    Greetings from London 🌹💐😊

  16. This music is hilarious 🤣

  17. samonsi says:

    this food is delicious

  18. Infu Riated says:

    I'll never be vegan, but that looks good

  19. juzpoppz says:

    you can have everything vegan like vegan pizza, vegan burger and even vegan meatballs

  20. Jade Nieves says:

    I didn’t know they had vegan pasta 🤨

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