39 thoughts on “SNACKS | 4 Easy Snackbox Ideas

  1. Iman Wira says:

    3rd box is the best

  2. Rebecca M says:

    Thank you so much for posting these videos. I'm so thankful because it's a big help for healthy food ideas. ❤️

  3. Love your videos! ❤

  4. That first one looks SO GOOD. (I love cheese 😆)

  5. Hanji says:

    Thr first one gang


  6. I want the first and second box

  7. Lizzol says:

    4 is my favorite

  8. Heartclouds says:

    My favourite is the first and last one 😋😋😋😋

  9. I like the first snack box

  10. Nhan Tran says:

    If you guys don’t know how to make quail eggs I do here’s a how do you make it you get Egg and boil it (Will take one hour) I t and beware it will get really hot and yo guys you guys need to know this but there is two kinds there is the other egg it’s like something that’s inside . Well I’m done talking see you later

  11. Sara Eid says:

    I need these mini pitas in my life 😩

  12. Soooooo good 👍👍👍👍👍
    I like it ☺️😊

  13. “Protein balls”

  14. Optic Nerve says:

    Where did you get your boxes from?

  15. Ashton 1.0 says:

    New subbie here. I am loving your boxes because they are mostly healthy too.

  16. I don’t know which school or office gave this much time to eat

  17. Rose says:

    Wow I get this recommended after 1 year YouTube needs help

  18. 1 2 3 and 4❤❤❤❤

  19. simplyeva says:

    Ooo the last one looks delicious

  20. lili says:

    I only liked the first box

  21. Aaliyah says:

    First box is lookin 😋

  22. Nicki Lema says:

    Is there a list of what kind of hummus and cream cheese you get

  23. I hope you have some other snack box ideas!
    I love this! It’s so nice seeing what others do for there own snacks and the kiddos snacks.

  24. Maddie Ware says:


  25. Maddie Ware says:

    The first one the other one to look disgusting

  26. Aisha thakur says:

    Last word u say i love that always

  27. 💓💓💓💓💗💗😋😋😋😋

  28. This is amazing snack box_ I need this for my work😊

  29. My fav the first and second

  30. Where did you find those containers?? I them in my life

  31. 2nd and 3rd one are my fav!

  32. Chloe Cline says:

    I like the 3rd and 4th box

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