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The Only Diet Plan That Ayurveda Recommends (Men & Women)

The only diet plan that Ayurveda recommends in it’s scriptures Oziva’s Protein & Herbs for Men – Oziva’s …

30 thoughts on “The Only Diet Plan That Ayurveda Recommends (Men & Women)

  1. Kreena Gada says:

    Jainism recommends many of the above and more.. we fail to grasp that our scriptures and religions already prescribe the above… yet we turn to different diet fads

  2. shivani says:

    Onion and garlic are also tamasic

  3. Rajiv dixit amar rahe

  4. Ex ALP says:

    Ayurveda is hoax….

  5. samad ahmed says:

    I have lost around 8 kg of weight after starting this diet . Plus i added the 15 minute yoga routine and 20 min cardio alternative days. But still it's very effective.

    Point to help : It's difficult to form a new habit so try to follow it day by day don't thinks about it in future. Put a calendar up start slowly .

  6. No, Ayurvedic diet is not limited to Satvic diet. Ask any Ayurvedic doctor, they will tell you this. Several other foods are well-accepted. And for most cases, Ayurvedic doctors won't even ask you to stop eating Non-veg if you do eat it (Unless you have some specific issue: Digestion related or High Cholestrol or BP or something else), even Non-Veg diet fits in category of Ayurvedic diet. So, consult a good doctor first before shifting your lifestyle based on a myth.

  7. Point about Satvic diet is NOT true. Satvic diet & Ayurvedic diet are two very different things. I confirmed it from 3 Ayurvedic doctors (BAMS, MD). Satvic diet is particularly suggested for spirituality purposes. But, for common people, Ayurveda has a whole system of diet which may or may not be satvic, depending on lifestyle choices of a person. Even Meat is okay to eat if you have a healthy digestive system & Good Agni, it has one of the highest nourishing properties of all foods.

  8. MEHRA says:

    Important than all praying before eat❤️🙏🏻and grateful for food

  9. divyang shah says:

    if a person follows ayurvedic 100% , a person will never be ill , even after 100 years ?

  10. Nafeesa says:

    YouTube Channel @satvicmovement says In Satvic Food one should not have Dairy or Dairy Products

  11. Shit! I was having my meal while watching this video and then.. 7:04 comes up!!

  12. A healthy Diet Plan means a healthy life plan, Visit Planet Ayurveda to get best consultation and ayurvedic cure

  13. You are realy a doctor.Your suggestion and advice always helpful to me.

  14. गैर रासायनिक बालों के रंग के बारे में सुझाव दें! मुझे अमोनिया और अन्य रसायनों से त्वचा एलर्जी है!

  15. Eat food. Like medicine otherwise you will have to medicine like food 🤣

  16. Can u pls help me with kapha dosha

  17. Aman Kumar says:

    Was your whey fresh?

  18. Can we get this video in Hindi for our parents

  19. After waking up, what should be done first?
    Oil pulling or drinking water?

  20. Please upload తెలుగు version

  21. Hari Captain says:

    Scrape your tongue and brush your teeth to get rid of the ama (toxins) before drinking water first thing in the morning. Then consume the warm lemon water to open the digestive fire

  22. Great information 👍.Thank you .

  23. shehzaadful says:

    Am a gym goer and my body requires food every 3-4 hours.. if i eat at 6pm then m hungry by 9pm

  24. Very well said.. kindly help us to know when to eat fruits

  25. D Kap says:

    What about Nordic countries for timing?

  26. Suhit Sarode says:

    Seeing Eggs in Tamasic Food was disappointing. Eggs are known to be a super food full with high quality protein.

  27. Shailsuta says:

    Bhai Hindi Mai kyun nahi krta

  28. SohaM says:

    I :⁠-⁠)
    Love (⁠。⁠♡⁠‿⁠♡⁠。⁠)
    Your ◉⁠‿⁠◉
    Videos(⁠づ⁠ ̄⁠ ⁠³⁠ ̄⁠)⁠づ

  29. Mitali Roy says:

    App konsa konsa book porhte do make a vdo on that qlso

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