Does Cardio prevent GAINS? 🚫💪

42 thoughts on “Does Cardio prevent GAINS? 🚫💪

  1. If you are trying to gain weight and you have a pretty fast metabolism should you still do cardio tho?

  2. J says:

    Thought the diet was

  3. Jay Bramble says:

    Does your wife work out with you.

  4. i have a question am doing gym and eating 3000cal but the gym so far away from my house so am going with my cycle total up down 8km is that ok for bulking 🙁

  5. What about sauna ?

  6. Can sex be considered Cardio if you’re slam it out for like 30 minutes ?

  7. Michael Loi says:

    I always always do cardio before or after my workouts

  8. s v says:

    People who neglect cardio for fear of losing muscle aren’t even that big to be worrying about that lol. Cardio transfers over well to your lifts, and, obviously, it’s good for your heart.

  9. Me Me says:

    What do you all think about super setting? Good , bad, doesn't matter?

  10. Big_Ron says:

    Cardio right after your workout is key

  11. Jay aree says:

    I’ve been weight lifting and doing cardio after my workouts for the past month 1 mile of cardio but pushing myself every minute pick up the speed start at 4-5-6-7-8-9-usually in those 6min I’m at 0.75 more than halfway through the mile, but gas out end up at 10min finishing a mile after your done doing the cardio GO GET IN THE SAUNA RIGHT AFTER your endurance recovery will be so much faster crazy results one month ago my mile took me 19min just crazy how much I can last now my best time since then 8min and 40 seconds. Use a sauna right after u will be feeling great !!

  12. Love these!!! Thanks so much Mr Cutler!

  13. You’re also juiced

  14. If you're doing fasted cardio you are going to burn up your glycogen before you lift weights. Also cardio doesn't increase your metabolism muscle mass does.

  15. GHS says:

    Steady state cardio is total bs

  16. Charles A says:

    why alot of gym goers particularly men skip cardio?

  17. Dagoth Ur says:

    Cardio keeps the two most important muscles in the body for survival functioning (heart & lungs) but also creates more capillaries which plays into the ball court of weights, HIIT, recovery, lactate threshold, and just everyday tasks.

    But cardio (especially fasted) or for longer activates the AMPK pathway vs insulin & weight trainings mTOR pathway activation. It takes at least 6hrs for one to deactivate and not interfere with the other – very tricky. Cardio straight after weights can inhibit protein synthesis and muscle growth, and less so strength.

  18. Alex Howley says:

    My muscles always "pop" more when I'm doing consistent cardio. Keeps those veins nice and juicy.

  19. Max Belfort says:

    The moment I realized that cardio is primarily for your heart health and not for fat loss I begin to notice real changes in physique. When you use cardio for fat loss things will take sideways along the way. Diet + strength training + sleep = fat loss. The only time cardio burn fat is when the cardio put you in calorie deficit.

  20. Sayed Mosawi says:

    I like it in the morning ❤

  21. Ronald Davis says:

    I separated my days full body compound lifts only for 1.5hours or cardio for 1.5 hours boxing mma agility ladders jump rope hardcover stuff. I love crawling out the gym but I have to separate my insane cardio from my weight lifting days(train to failure). But you have to do what works best for your body we are all different. I'm 36, 14% body fat at 5'9 just trying to train for longevity.

  22. Jetzsetter says:

    I need negative cardio- too fast metabolism

  23. Tanvir says:

    What I love about jay is he was smart with his bodybuilding approach, he is one of the few bodybuilders that I’m aware of that hasn’t got any or if so minimal injuries so it’s clear he values his health. Smart guy.

  24. Shannon Sisk says:

    Doing some cardio keeps you from getting gassed out before your muscles give out during a set too

  25. Yes says:

    Cardio club

  26. buyystocks says:

    ty sir im 59 still training, 60 in sept.

  27. Jake Brown says:

    Dead serious Question: Hear me out may sound crazy, but if I am skinny and lifting atm shouldn't I avoid cardio since my metabolism is already so high? I feel like jerking off is my cardio and thats enough ?

  28. C L says:

    The tren would help keep gains too but still a lot of hard work put in 💪

  29. yugihlh says:

    Cardio is so hard for me to do, when my heart feels like it’s about to jump out of my chest I hate the feeling

  30. aavi chouhan says:

    20 mins cardio after workout three times a week is best

  31. And now JC said it too, especially for those who oppose the after weight training cardio.

  32. ContactHigh says:

    I’m currently 5’10 215 or so. Looking to get lean while increasing a bit of muscle. People always tell me avoid cardio. I’m so confused.

  33. Only lazy beer belly weight lifters say this

  34. Bcast says:

    Thank you Jay! Champion of body building! You are among the Greats!

  35. Jay eats four thousand calories a day before he meets his girlfriend lol luv u Jay I'm just being funny

  36. A T says:

    Jay still looking huge as shit! Thats awesome

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