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8 Exercises to Lose Hanging Lower Belly Fat

Strong abs help you sit, stand, run, kick and jump better. They make you resistant to fatigue and allow you to transfer mechanical …

41 thoughts on “8 Exercises to Lose Hanging Lower Belly Fat

  1. Bisma Iqbal says:

    This is my first day let’s see how can I improve my belly fat 😊

  2. Tara C says:

    This is how to prevent stomach fat. People who already have stomach fat can’t do these exercises.

  3. Rajput Vlogs says:

    How many times Can do in a day

  4. Myway says:

    Simple & effective 😉

  5. ННБ says:

    У людей которые в состоянии выполнить такие упражнения, жира на животе не бывает. А у кого он есть, попу с ногами поднять невозможно.

  6. I need middle ab fat work & to stop eating foods that causes it

  7. Hi guys my age is 19years(men) I have loose 16kg weight from 90kg to 74kg and now I have loose skin on my stomach and it irritate me when I am going to do push-ups can this exercise help me to cure this problem……pls tell if you have a clear knowledge about I am very upset about it.

  8. Toxic Gamer says:

    This actually works👍

  9. Hibo Happy says:

    It seems easy when we watch but actually isn't easy 😂😂

  10. It's very good. Being doing them for a week and half and I can feel the difference. I do this one twice and there's another one I do twice.

  11. Roni Dash says:

    If i do 100 push up & dumbell workout in same day. Is it good for me or going to create any problem?

  12. Ulf Jensius says:

    good exercises but disgusting music


  14. Great work out how long should I do this work out for 7 days or 10 days please let me know back thank you

  15. Good job good job 👍👍

  16. D Lovely says:

    I deal with lower back pain. Are these exercises safe for those in my condition?

  17. Mkaybreezy says:

    bro thinks were supermman

  18. Спасибо! Очень актуально, особенно после Новогодних и Рождественских обильных на еду праздников, с 9 января перехожу на диету и Ваши упражнения

  19. Jaime says:

    Is it bad if your stomach start to rise bc thats happened to me once and it freaked me out

  20. Hola esté ejercicio se hace diario o no espero tu respuesta gracias feliz año nuevo

  21. اكو عرب وين

  22. Jayed Ahmed says:

    It's so painful to do these exercises😭😭

  23. And here I am trying to hold a plank for 2 mins.

  24. ПОЛНЕЙШЕЕ ФУФЛО! НЕ ВЕДИТЕСЬ! Пресс Вы подкачаете, НО жир с пуза – НЕ УЙДЕТ!!!! (если только жрать перестанете вообще)

  25. Ralph Maia says:

    So how often should this be done? I lift weights as well but like this routine to help sculpt abs and lower back. Should this be done as one set a day, or multiple sets? Or should I just do a set before each workout which is 3 times a week?

  26. может жрать надо меньше?)

  27. Gene Dennis says:

    Getrid of that background noise

  28. ynumikol says:

    You can't spot target fat loss. This will work out your lower abs and increase lower ab size and definition over time but the only way to lose fat is to be at a calorie deficit. Just doing cardio will burn more calories than these exercises.

  29. Wow Very good teacher exercise 💖💖🙏🙏

  30. Самое главное упражнение это меньше жрать😂😂😂

  31. Alex Morgan says:

    Rowan Row is better.

  32. А как это понять я все понемаю по инглиш у шерел вот другие тожэ самое скажут могуине понять .

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